A Balanced Supply of Omega 3 Supplements For Health

Dec 4


Richard Pagano

Richard Pagano

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Evolution has not diminished the importance of essential fatty acids.  Learn the reasons why fish oil pills have become so popular and make a decision whether it's about time to think about fortifying yourself with them.


Given that our bodies cannot supply essential fatty acids (EFAs) in adequate amounts,A Balanced Supply of Omega 3 Supplements For Health Articles we must ingest them.  EFAs are now considered crucial for an extensive list of health benefits.  Our bodies are able to manufacture a small percentage of what is considered to be the minimum required DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) from grains, fruits and vegetables.

Throughout the span of human existence, we have adapted to survive through eras of scarcity--just as all forms of life need to evolve over time.  This adaptation/survival mode is a likely reason why the body can convert ALA, which it gets from plant foods, into DHA and EPA when the latter two are not consumed in adequate amounts.

We know that a lack of DHA and EPA in the diet makes it necessary for the body to generate these by way of an inefficient process of converting the ALA in our body into EPA and DHA.  So unless we eat enough fish and/or take the appropriate omega 3 supplements, we will be deficient in these essential nutrients.  Many nutritional scientists concur that the essential fish oils are more important than ALA consumption, not just because of the inefficient conversion rate, but also since ALA supplementation does not rectify low DHA blood levels.  Bottom line, we must have DHA in our diet.

Depression has been linked to low blood levels of DHA.  Since the brain is basically made up of DHA, it makes sense that an adequate supply is necessary for ongoing brain health and development.  It is suspected that a deficiency of the essential fish oils in a expectant mother’s diet is responsible for symptoms of post-partum depression.  During pregnancy and breast-feeding, her body will pass on a lot of her DHA to the infant, which can, in turn, cause her blood levels to become reduced.

To sum up, DHA is necessary to produce or form new brain tissue.  EPA is essential for the cells to operate normally.  It is crucial for both to be maintained in your diet for optimal health.  Think about taking a fish oil or omega 3 supplement, but only after consulting with your doctor prior to starting any vitamin or supplement routine.

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