Can a Lower Body Workout without Weights Deliver Fast Results?

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The run of the mill gym junkie, and even some trainers will tell you that you can’t perform an effective lower body workout without weights. This is simply not true. You’ll see why in my article below.

No one wants to start living their life in the gym yet everyone wants to look great. Time is one of the biggest reasons given for not working out and it is one of the biggest obstacles most people have to overcome when they decide they want to get healthier. So,Guest Posting it only makes sense that you would be wondering if a lower body workout without weights can deliver results just as fast or effectively as a workout using weights.

Let's start with a quick note on the danger of expecting super fast results. You of course should see some improvements in your body within a reasonable amount of time, but you aren't going to do a few squats or walk around the block doing lunges and wake up tomorrow morning with knockout thighs and a tight butt. No lower body workout program can do that for you even if it does incorporate weights.

If you start out expecting super fast results you are setting yourself up for disappointment when miracles don't happen. You will end up throwing a spanner in the works with your workout program and going backwards with your progress, rather than forwards. Expecting a fast fix isn’t going to help you make positive changes to your body.

You must have realistic expectations when you first start working out.

Lower Body Workout without Weights

Designing a lower body workout with weights might seem the easier option to take. But whether you use weights or not the key to sticking with your new weight loss or shape up program long term is making it work for you. How many times have you skipped a workout in your lifetime because something else came up, the gym closed early, or you had to go on vacation or a trip?

It happens to everyone, but if you have a lower body workout without weights that can be done with just your own body weight, then these excuses no longer validate skipping a workout. If the gym closes early you can do your workout at home. The same goes for those nights in hotel rooms or days when you have a million things to do and simply cannot get to the gym.

The good news is you can achieve results from a lower body workout without weights if all of the following are in place:

1. You use effective exercises that are proven to work for the results you want to gain.

2. You challenge yourself as you grow stronger by increasing reps or modifying movements so they remain difficult.

3. You set up a routine schedule for your workouts and stick to that schedule.

Your lower body workout without weights must be made up of the right exercises and you must know how to perform every exercise with proper technique. You then have to change things up a little as each exercise becomes less challenging. Finally, you have to be extremely strict with your workout schedule. You have to push past all the excuses and be very consistent if you want to see efficient and successful results.

For every workout that you skip, you slow your overall results a little. However, if you do, just get straight back in there and keep going. One occasional day here n there isn’t going to wreck all your hard work, but when you start skipping workouts on a regular basis your progress will become much slower and you’ll become disheartened and frustrated. A lower body workout without weights can be every bit as effective as a workout with weights as long as you dedicate yourself to each workout and make sure that you put the effort in each week with your training and nutrition to earn the results.

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