LOSE THE BELLY FAT- Addressing the Diet Trap Every New Mom Faces

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Remember that the key in losing the belly fat is patience.

Are you one of those new moms complaining that they are doing everything in their power to lose the belly fat but feel that those postpartum pounds are taking forever to go away? Are you going through the ordeal of having to wear those baggy clothes everyday that make you look and feel bad about yourself despite all the diet plans you are strictly following?

Do you think it is because all those extremely promising diets have no good to come out of them? May be the problem resides with you. If you think that all that regular power-strolling with your baby and healthy food you have been eating everyday is no help in losing the baby belly,Guest Posting it is time to find the reasons.

Losing the baby belly is easier said than done and the sooner you understand it, the easier the whole thing gets for you. Often we find new moms complaining about the same stuff but it is because they keep their expectations too high.

If you really want to lose the belly fat, remember, patience is the key. Expecting too much too soon is not practical as diet is a natural way of losing the belly fat; you just cannot shed all those layers of fat over night.

Dietitians suggest that it is perfectly normal for a new mom’s body to take a year to lose the baby belly and get back to her previous shape; after all it took 9 months to get this way. However, if you are unable to lose the belly fat even after your baby’s first birthday, it is time to make some changes or consider the reasons.

If you had post partum depression and your doctor had you taking anti-depressants, a side effect may be the inability to lose weight.  This is a double edge sword because as you are taking medication to help your mood you may not be able to lose weight that makes you feel better about yourself.  Focus on what is important.  You can start to focus on the weight after you are off of the medications.

Your mom shows up loaded with all those sinfully delicious pies that you just cannot resist. If you think that a serving or two won’t hurt, think again. What you will eat out of sheer temptation is going to make up for all the calorie cut downs you made since the last two days and will prevent you from losing the belly fat.

Some fellow moms brought treats for you.  You eat just to make sure they do not go to waste. This way you not only hurt the process of losing the belly fat but also consume calories unintentionally that add up fast.

Stay hydrated, water helps make your feel full so you don’t grab the extra piece of pie or last cookie.  Wrap the food up and put it out of sight or freeze it.  Another option to help you stay on your quest to lose the baby belly is picking a day that you eat some of those items you want.  This type of pattern helps you control urges to eat extra calories you don’t need, splurge and eat too much of the wrong foods and doesn’t leave you feeling deprived of the foods you like.

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