Measuring Progress is a Fundamental for Awesome Home Workout Results

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What gets written down get's done. In the area of home workouts, what gets written down sets the stage for serious improvements.

Power Half Hour is a virtual unknown to many who are aware of the home fitness line of products from

The reason for that is foremost the product was introduced  prior to P90X.  However,Guest Posting before it had a chance to make a name for itself in the marketplace, out came the mania that was P90X.  

The folks at Beach body knew they had a mega winner and built a following for the company name and the P90X trainer Tony Horton that have made both household terms.

The amazing thing about Power Half Hour is that as good as P90X sold, Power Half Hour may actually end up being a bigger hit. The first reason is that Power Half Hour is a 30 Minute Workout. People who have done P90X can attest that it requires an hour a day minimum   for 6 days per week. (actually 7 if you include the stretching day)

The difference of having to do just a 30 minute workout is significant. The person is much less likely to try and procrastinate or skip a workout with a shorter time.

There are other differences obviously, but P90X might be Power Half Hour’s biggest secret weapon.  P90X tested a critical principle that is without question integral to why so many people so much amazing physical change.

P90X stressed the importance of keeping good notes throughout the workout of reps, weights, form, or just how you felt at certain points. Power Half Hour has the same emphasis on note taking for it’s resistance workouts.

This is important because change and growth are a direct result of having clear goals with each exercise.  If you know exactly what you did, you can look to do the extra rep or add on extra pounds the next time.

What hopefully results is phenomenal improvement over the course of 60 days of Power Half Hour. In fact, Tony Horton believes so strongly in the structure of what he set up that he guarantees noticeable positive change in just 6 workouts. 

So for a 30 minute workout each day, we are talking a mere 3 hours spread out over a week. 

The other aspect of keeping good records is they can serve as motivational. When you look at your crystal clear about your improvement over time, it can be inspiring to know concretely how much better and fitter you have become.

With Power Half Hour, you are in a whole system where everything is planned out for success if you merely show up. This is a Beach body product hallmark.

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