What is brain cancer Its symptoms and treatment?

Mar 2


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You can understand from the name that this cancer grows in the brain part of a person. Brain cancer is also known as brain tumor. In this condition, a tumor is formed in the brain, which slowly spreads and takes hold of the whole body of the human being.


You can understand from the name that this cancer grows in the brain part of a person. Brain cancer is also known as a brain tumor. In this condition,What is brain cancer Its symptoms and treatment? Articles a tumor is formed in the brain, which slowly spreads and takes hold of the whole body of the human being.


Brain cancer refers to a form of cancer that begins in the brain. Brain cancer is a type of brain disease in which cancer cells start to form in the brain tissue. Cancer cells are groups of tissues in the brain. Or in the form of a tumor that obstructs brain functions. Such as disturbance of muscle control, sensation, or affect memory and other brain functions.




Cancer that starts in the brain is called a primary brain tumor. This tumor can develop in any part of the brain structure. The cancer that spreads from any other part of the body to the brain, is called secondary brain tumor or brain. This is called metastases. Brain cancer tumors put more pressure on the brain, causing either that tissue to be destroyed or problems in other parts of the body. When symptoms of brain cancer appear, you should immediately consult a specialist.



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Symptoms of brain cancer



Many times the symptoms of cancer appear, but most people do not pay attention to them, because they are part of the common lifestyle, so often people do not take these symptoms seriously, due to which people are unaware of the disease timely. They stay and cannot get treatment.




Headache- If there is a persistent headache in the head without any disease, it can be a symptom of a brain tumor. Gets lighter.




At the same time, if standing in front of the eyes suddenly becomes dark in front of the eyes and at the same time it feels like dizzy then it can also be a symptom of brain tumor.




Feeling dizzy or nauseous- However, these symptoms are seen after a long time. But many times these symptoms occur only in the beginning of the brain tumor. This happens when the cancer cells are mixed with the fluid present in the brain. .




Fatigue can be caused by a number of reasons, but feeling tired frequently or always is a common symptom. Its symptoms are different from actual fatigue such as tiredness all the time, overall weakness, feeling heavy in the limbs, sleeplessness, loss of focus and irritable temperament.




These changes can be seen in the body- When the memory starts to become weak, problems in speaking, understanding and seeing changes in personality, then they can also be symptoms of brain tumors. Sometimes, this situation also causes dementia.




In addition to brain cancer, some other symptoms may also be seen:




  • Have a stroke
  • Decreased sensory (tactile) and brain function (movement control)
  • Deafness
  • Drowsiness or drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of coordination
  • Feeling of weakness on face
  • Double sighted
  • Depression
  • Changes in behavioral and thinking ability



If you want to stay safe from this deadly disease, then immediately check for any symptoms.



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What are the types of brain tumors?




There are mainly 2 types of brain tumors, which are as follows-


Cancerous Brain Tumor- This is a major type of brain tumor, also known as a malignant brain tumor. A malignant brain tumor either starts in the brain or is produced as a result of some other cancer like breast cancer etc. . Non-cancerous brain tumors - This is another type of brain tumor (brain tumor), also known as benign brain tumor. Benign brain tumors are seen as low-level cancers, which means that they start very slowly and are less likely to recur.



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Why does brain cancer occur?


There are some factors that increase the risk of developing brain cancer. It is not known for sure what causes most brain cancer.




Genetically inherited diseases can also make a person susceptible to brain tumors. If a person's parents or siblings have or had a brain tumor, the risk may be greater for them than for normal people.




Prolonged exposure to a chemical or radiation is a risk factor for developing brain cancer.




People who have had cancer in childhood have a higher risk of developing brain cancer later in life. For people who have had leukemia after becoming adults, there is an increased risk of brain cancer.




Brain cancer can happen to people of any age, as the age increases, the risk of getting brain cancer also increases. But there are some types of brain tumors that are more common for younger people.




People with HIV AIDS have a higher risk of getting brain tumors than those who are not. It may also be associated with weakness in immunity.


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How can brain cancer be tested?




Neurologic (neurological) test - The doctor will check your sight and hearing, muscle strength, coordination and reflexes etc. The doctor will also examine the swelling in the eye, which comes due to the pressure in the nerves connecting the eyes to the brain due to increased pressure in the brain.




MRI - Photographs are taken from MRI to see changes in brain tissue. Its photographs identify unusual sites, such as a tumor.




CT scan - It is also used to look for abnormal areas such as tumors in the brain.


Angiogram - If there is cancer in the brain, it can be seen with the help of angiogram.




Biopsy - This involves taking a tissue sample to see the tumor cells. With the help of biopsy, tissue changes that can cause cancer and other conditions are detected. A biopsy is the only sure way to diagnose brain cancer and plan a treatment.




Treatment of brain cancer





Attempted by the doctor The tumor is located in a place that can be reached with the help of operation, then the doctor tries to remove the tumor as much as possible.


If the tumor in the brain is located at a place that can be reached with the help of operation, then the doctors try to remove the tumor as much as possible.


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Radiation therapy


Radiation therapy uses high-energy rays such as X-rays or protons to kill tumor-bearing cells. Radiation therapy can come from a machine outside your body, called external beam radiation. In very rare cases, the machine is placed inside the body and near the brain, known as brachytherapy.


External beam radiation focuses only on the place where the tumor occurs. Many times its focus is on the entire brain, it is called radiation on the entire brain, it is used to treat cancers of the type that spread to the brain from any other part of the body.


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Chemotherapy uses drugs to destroy tumor cells. Chemotherapy drugs are given as tablets for food and intravenous injections. Several types of chemotherapy drugs are available, depending on the type of cancer used.



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