The Fat Burning Furnace Program Uses Tested Weight Loss Practices

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Rob Poulos designed fat burning furnace to be safe and effective for weight loss. With a unique blend of dieting and exercising tips,Guest Posting FBF claims that people who follow the program will lose a great deal of weight in a short time period. While fast weight loss may not be the safest solution, FBF does offer effective principles for weight loss. Poulos has even included a guide directed at people who are sedentary, so that the most unlikely exercisers will get up off the couch.The focus of FBF is on building resting metabolic rate. Building lean muscle tissue is one of the best ways, according to Poulos, to raise the resting metabolic rate. The plan includes up to twenty minutes of intense interval training, done for up to three days per week. During the exercises, Poulos recommends using as much resistance as the body is able to handle. If the body is brought to the point that no more weight can be lifted, the breakdown of muscle tissue will be significant. Then, during the seventy-two hours after the workout, the body will exert energy to repair muscle tissue.Added muscle mass will help the body to burn more calories. In fact, experts speculate that a pound of added muscle mass causes the body to burn up to fifty additional calories, each hour. This increased hourly burn translates to 1,200 extra calories burned daily, and 8,400 extra calories burned weekly. Muscle buildup, according to Poulos, increases the body's resting metabolism.Another component of FBF is nutritional advice. Eating the correct carbs, fats, proteins, vegetables, and fruits is more important than deprivation. Poulos recommends, for example, that dieters eat carbohydrates from complex whole grains. He also recommends eating the right fats, including fish, extra virgin olive oil, avocados, flax oil and seeds, and nut butters.Poulos also has recommendations regarding other food groups. Poulos recommends consuming 0.04 grams of protein, for each pound of body weight. Also, for vegetables, Poulos recommends that dieters stick to broccoli, dark leafy greens, green beans, and asparagus. When eating fruit, dieters should stick to apples, berries, melons, and bananas.According to most nutritionists, dieters should try to lose no more than two pounds weekly. By claiming to eliminate twenty-six pounds within seven weeks, FBF claims a weight loss of approximately 3.71 pounds per week. Getting weight to disappear quickly may appeal to many dieters, but many dieters who lose weight rapidly also gain the weight back rapidly.Losing weight rapidly could potentially produce side effects. Menstrual irregularities, fatigue, irritability, and headaches are among the mild side effects of rapid weight loss. Dieters also have the potential to suffer electrolyte imbalances, malnutrition, dehydration, and gallstones, on the more serious end of the spectrum. The longer people utilize a rapid weight loss diet, the more likely they are to experience side effects.Talking over the fat burning furnace plan with a physician is a smart first step, for any dieter. Also, dieters should not assume that following FBF means ignoring cardiovascular exercise, which has enormous benefits for both heart health and weight. The results speak for themselves, however; Poulos and his wife lost forty and sixty pounds, respectively, by following their own FBF plan.

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