The Top 10 Best Natural Ways To Relieve Pain

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Although many of us automatically reach for a bottle of pain medication when we’re injured or suffering from a chronic condition; there are many other ways to ease pain that are more natural,Guest Posting and cause fewer side effects.

These natural forms of pain relief can be used to reduce the need for prescription medications, or to replace medications entirely, depending on the cause and severity of the pain.

In this blog post, we will reveal the top ten best natural ways to relieve your pain – no matter what type – so you can start living pain free again.

Natural Pain Relief Remedy #1

Herbal Treatments

There are many herbs that can be used to treat various forms of pain. From ginger and turmeric for inflammatory processes; to rosemary, skullcap and valerian for headaches and muscle spasms; herbs can be used to treat almost any type of pain. Many of the medications we take now, such as aspirin, were originally extracted from herbs, and then standardized. (Salicylic acid, the main ingredient in aspirin, was originally extracted from white willow bark.)

Natural Pain Relief Remedy #2


Many supplements have been found to help reduce pain levels. Omega-3 fish oil capsules are now recommended by many doctors to help in the treatment of things like cardiac problems, rheumatiod arthritis, and other auto-immune diseases. Calcium, magnesium, and potassium can all help reduce muscle spasms and other types of muscle pain; and SAM-e and MSM are used for arthritis pain and stiffness.

For information on the best supplements for relieving pain, read our recent article: The Top 5 Supplements For Treating Pain

Natural Pain Relief Remedy #3

Heat and Cold

Using hot or cold packs, or alternating heat and cold on painful areas can help relax spasmed muscles and reduce muscle pain. There are many wonderful products out there now that can be used; like the Therabeads Microwaveable hot packs; reusable gel packs that can be heated or cooled; and even ones that are shaped perfectly to be used on knees, shoulders, or sinuses.

Natural Pain Relief Remedy #4


Using essential oils externally can ease pain from many causes including muscle tension, neuropathy, migraine, and inflammation. There are many helpful oils, so even if you happen to be sensitive to one, there are many other options to try. CAUTION: Never use a pure essential oil on your skin, and even blends should be kept away from the eyes. Most essential oils are very strong and must be diluted with a “carrier oil” before use or they will cause burns.

Natural Pain Relief Remedy #5

Capsaicin Creams

Capsaicin creams are useful for many types of pain, including arthritis pain, shingles, and neuralgia. According to a study at the University of Oxford, 40% of arthritis patients cut their pain levels in half after one month of regular use, and 60% of neuralgia patients did the same after 2 months. There is also some evidence that applying a small amount inside the nostrils will reduce the intensity of cluster or migraine headaches.

Natural Pain Relief Remedy #6

Stress Reduction

Stress has been shown to increase pain levels in multiple studies; and stress reduction techniques like meditation, progressive relaxation, exercise, guided meditation, and listening to soothing music or nature sounds have been shown to be helpful in pain management. Tai Chi and Yoga are especially helpful forms of exercise for stress reduction, since they combine exercise and meditation.

Natural Pain Relief Remedy #7


Massage is an excellent addition to a pain management program, especially if the massage therapist is also trained in myofascial trigger point therapy. Massage can help relieve pain and reduce stress, and with the addition of trigger point therapy, it can also reduce referred pain from myofascial trigger points. It is very important to find a massage therapist who is familiar with working with your particular issues, however, since some forms of massage are not appropriate for certain disorders.

Natural Pain Relief Remedy #8

Acupuncture or Acupressure

Many pain patients swear by acupuncture treatments for their pain, saying that they feel much better after a treatment. For those who are wary of having needles inserted into their bodies, acupressure can be a viable option. Instead of placing needles into the skin, acupressure uses pressure applied to the same meridian points that would be used in acupuncture, without the slight risk of infection or injury that comes with the more invasive needles.

Natural Pain Relief Remedy #9

Diet Changes

Diet changes can be very helpful in cases where sensitivities to foods such as gluten are increasing pain levels, or where nutrient deficiencies are a factor. There are many books available describing elimination diets used to determine if a food sensitivity is a factor in pain levels, and even more explaining which foods provide which nutrients. One major culprit in increasing pain is aspartame, the artificial sweetener used in most diet products. Eliminating this one ingredient from the diet can reduce pain levels by half or more for sensitive individuals.

Natural Pain Relief Remedy #10


Hydrotherapy is the use of water as a therapeutic agent. It can involve hot or cold baths, with or without the addition of mineral salts, essential oils or other agents that can be absorbed through the skin; exercise programs that take place in a pool to help support weakened joints or muscles and provide resistance without over-stressing the body; or whirlpool baths that can ease muscle and joint stiffness and reduce stress levels.

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