The Weight Loss Struggle - How To Succeed Long Term

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A no nonsense look at weight loss and how to lose weight for the long term.

Obesity plagues 2/3 of Americans. These numbers are not surprising as our culture facilitates overeating from a young age. Just go to any of the fast food restaurants and look at the menu,Guest Posting everything can be super sized and the order taker at the window will always try for that up sell. Extra large fries, the super sized soda, which is often over 32oz, the double cheeseburger, everything is bigger and therefore more fattening.

For those who are overweight, weight loss is a lifelong struggle. From the psychological effects of the stigma of being fat, being teased, the negative self-image to a plethora of potential health problems the issues are long and on going. Women especially struggle with weight loss as they fall victim to the endless merry-go-round of yo-yo dieting.

With the barrage of weight loss plans, and there are hundreds, including the free weight loss plans and the paid ones, being offered with the latest and greatest diet fad that makes many women jump from one diet to another hoping to find that magic solution that will change their bodies and bring some peace.

Then there are all the magic pills that promise overnight results and to melt the fat away without any effort from the dieter. Many of these hawk the promise of instant gratification weight loss without effort, dedication or hard work. In reality weight loss is not an overnight success, true long-term success does take effort, motivation and hard work, and most important is the profound desire to feel and look better, without which no diet will ever work.

That desire is what fuels a permanent eating habit change that leads to a different mind set toward food because there is one main difference between the thin and the overweight, the thin eat to live while the overweight live to eat. This mindset must change to get off the merry-go-round and adapt the healthy eating habits that are crucial for a healthy lifestyle.

So give some thought to your eating habits, do you eat for hunger, or other reasons? Before you eat that piece of cake think about it twice. Do an honest inventory of how much the weight affects you life, self-image and happiness. And do not be too hard on yourself, start out slow, make small changes and start eating healthier today.

Sometimes it is easy to get overwhelmed with the prospect of a long term dieting because most think of it as some temporary punishment instead of eating habit changes that will remain permanent over time.

Making small changes is a great way to start the process and once you lose a few pounds celebrate that achievement, go out and by an outfit in a smaller size and realize how much better you feel about yourself and choose to continue to make those eating changes a part of your life and not just a temporary situation. Over time your attitude toward food will change and weight loss yo-yo will become a thing of the past.

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