Weight Lifting Myths for Women Debunked

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Whats the deal with weight lifting?

Do you see yourself watching those female body builders and cringe every time you look at them?  Do you feel that you do not want to get into weight loss and fitness exercise that those women have?  Ok I'm not knocking on these women; in fact I admire their dedication and commitment to obtaining that physique,Guest Posting but I sure as hell don't want to look like that. And many women I know don't either. They look like that not because they only lift weights...they stick to a crazy hard core diet and they take supplements that assist in building that much muscle. I highly doubt train and watch your diet like these bulky women. Unfortunately, there have been several beliefs about weight lifting that many women shy away from this kind of exercise.

No one can really force you to make weight lifting a part of your weight loss and fitness program if you will not be able to answer the truth about the weight lifting myths.  Here is a rundown of the frequent false beliefs that surrounds weight lifting.

Myth 1:  Weigh training makes your body bulky.

Not true.  If you think that lifting weights will make your body look masculine then you are wrong.  Women do not have the same level of testosterone in the blood stream.  Yes, you have some but it is not enough to bulk you up as much as men do. In fact, you want more testosterone in your body because it's a big assistor in weight loss and fitness. You should know that muscle is denser than fat and if your weight loss and fitness program includes weight lifting then it is to make your muscles shapelier.

Myth 2:  Weight training make you lose your flexibility.

Not true.  You may think that those who lift weights are trying to look stiff and muscle bound; you must remember that looks can be deceiving.  If your exercises include full range of motion, you will not end up all stiff and rigid but you will be more flexible.  Try including yoga, for example, to enhance flexibility in conjunction with training weights. Remember, the more balanced your workouts are, the closer you will get to your weight loss and fitness goals.

Myth 3:  Weight training turns fat into muscle.

Not true.  Muscles are different from fat; they are different tissues.  Figuratively speaking, you cannot expect an apple to become an orange or you cannot wait for silver to turn into gold.  This is also to debunk the belief that says your muscle turn to fat when you stop exercising.  If you stop your weight loss and fitness training, you lose muscle because of inactivity and fat accumulates because you no longer burn the calories that you eat.

Myth 4:  Weight loss and fitness program that includes weight lifting increases breast size.

Not true.  Sorry to break it up to you but breasts is full of fatty tissues.  Unfortunately, if you have less than 12% of body fat, there is even the tendency that your breast size will decrease.  If your bra size increased, it is not your breast but your back that increased in size.   Don't get scared here, your boobs won't decrease to a point of flat chested'ness. Actually, weight lifting with incorporating your pectoralis major muscle will shape the chest muscle lifting the fat you have on top of that muscle. So you will decrease booby fat and make it shapelier. Not so bad, right?

The benefits of weight training are way too great for you to miss out on. Don't worry about getting bulky, instead concern yourself with getting that beautiful, lean, fat burning body you've wanted for a really long time!

Who's ready to hit the weights? Share your favorite weight training routines in the comment box below!

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