5 Common Myths on Healthy Eating

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Myths, a collection of twisted stories, can be found in every topic. Healthy lifestyle is a particularly common  topic, having a big variety of myths, wrapping people up in a lying bubble. This article reveals 5 commonly used myths that are very popular in our environment and are sadly often used as a source of information for new diets.

Media is buzzing with an enormous amount of content on healthy lifestyle,Guest Posting many articles discuss healthy living and offer healthy lifestyle tips. As a variety is so high, some of articles start conflicting with each other. While one article emphasizes coconut oil as healthy alternative, another argues of its negative effects. In the end, it becomes quite unclear and difficult to chose what option is the best and see what exactly makes us healthy and what slowly destroys our organism. Sometimes, we tend to believe that myths are our ordinary daily truth, forgetting to check the views of real specialists. This article overlooks 5 most commonly found myths in our society.


1. Fruits will help me lose weight.

Fruits and vegetables should be an important part of diet, however the perception of fruits is quite distorted. Some people try to eat fruits during evenings, thinking that this will drastically lower their fat content of the body. However, it does not truly work this way. Some of the fruits have a huge amount of sugar, for example grapes. Of course this sugar cannot be compared with sugar we use in our tea, thought it still influences our organism, enabling us to loose weight.


2. Juices is a good way to lose weight.

Many people tend to buy supermarket juices daily, believing that it is a much better option that soda. Quite a good marketing trick. The only good type of juices is fresh, made by yourself without any additives. Supermarket juices have a tremendous amount of sugar and if the labels “scream” that they do not-it is other sugar additives. Moreover, these juices are heated to avoid bacteria, which pretty much removes all the best nutritional values of fruits.


 3. If I start healthy eating, I will eat only greens.

Most of the people assume that people living in a healthy way eat only greens. That is the reason why majority of people do not want to switch to healthy lifestyle, arguing that they want variety in their lives. This is just another stereotypical myth, which is absolutely not true. While there are a lot of vegetarians and vegans, a person can live in a healthy way consuming meat & even sweets. Healthy lifestyle does not mean that you need to totally reject every peace of sugar or stop using meat in your diet. By any means, do it. The only trick in healthy lifestyle is moderation and there is always a healthier choice to make e.g: if you want chocolate choose black one, if you want meat take a lean option-chicken or turkey and eat other types of meat rarely.


 4. The best way is not to eat after 18:00.

Honestly, it is even hard to find the birthroots of this ridiculous myth. It most probably came from all sort of diets, limiting food intake in drastic ways. Unfortunately, there are a tremendous amount of people believing that it works and many people are living like this daily. While, it might reduce weight after a while, you might feel a tremendous amount of energy loss, following with weak immune system & illnesses, such as stress and depression. It should not come as surprise that your organism is becoming weak. If you wake up at 7.00 o´clock in the morning, your organism is without food for 13 hours. This amount of period is not good and should not even be argued. Moreover, your organism can even start storing the food, lowering your metabolism rate. It might lead to accumulation of fat and inability of food to leave your organism in a normal rate. Is that really a way you want to live? Even if you do, won´t say it is healthy.


 5. The best diet is to reduce your fat intake.

We tend to believe that fat is just a bad evil nutrient lurking to take our body. Of course, seeing a greasy oily pan or baked food in oil might create unpleasant images. However, fat is just as important nutrient as carbohydrates and proteins. Your body needs to get 30 % of fat daily from your food intake & your body won´t be able to function properly without good fats. However, you should focus on “good fats”(unsaturated fats, includes both polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fats), not “bad fats”( saturated and trans fatty acids). Avocado and nuts for example contains a tremendous amount of good fats. Make sure to read more on “good” and “bads” fats to find out what options are better to use. “Click here” to find more about fats and other healthy lifestyle tips.



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