5 Easy Toppings for Versatile Cake Decoration

May 12


Bindu Pal

Bindu Pal

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Impress your guests or steal the show of a party by easy toppings for Versatile cake decoration. Explore 5 ideas about cake decorating tips.


Every occasion calls out for a cake. Cakes light up every party and make the things extra special. From the little ones to the elders, 5 Easy Toppings for Versatile Cake Decoration Articles everyone relishes the taste of yummy cakes. This sweet delight is not limited to merely birthdays or anniversaries or baby showers, but they have the power to grace other grand occasions like weddings, engagements, success parties and many more. Even in festivals like - Christmas, New Year and Mother’s Day, cake remains the integral part of the celebration. The topping of the cake steals the show of a party. It’s amazing look brings out mouth watering expressions on the face of the invitees. 

 In this blog, we will help you find some cake amazing toppings to jazz up the usual cake:

  • Fruits: If the person whom you want to gift a cake prefers healthy food, then he/she is definitely going to love the cake with fruits toppings. This light and refreshing cake toppings will be the amazing choice for summers. From dried raisins to fresh raspberries to pineapples slices to juicy cherries, there are varied fruits which make the perfect topping for your cake. The recipient will love your choice and won’t resist thanking you again and again. If you are making this cake at home, so just remember that you add fresh fruit toppings at the last minute, otherwise the wet fruit may make the buttercream or cream topping move or melt slightly.
  • Edible Flowers: Girls like extraordinary and unique things in life. So if you are looking for the most unconventional toppings for a cake to gift your sister, wife or girlfriend, then edible flowers are the right choice. From rose petals to sprigs of lavender, these amazing flowers give your cake a spring feeling. They will make your cake look pretty and smell floral. You can also tie bunches of these flowers and lie around the edges of your cake or sprinkle these rose petals over your buttercream. The tip here is that before buying cake from the shopkeepers, you must ask whether these flowers are suitable to eat or not. 
  • Mini Chocolate Candies: The soft, moist and crunchy - mini chocolates candies as the toppings  are loved by people of every age group. It makes the cake look captivating and allure the recipient with its irresistible charm. You can add these toppings on cakes of various flavors - butterscotch, caramel, vanilla, pineapple, strawberry and many more. There are a lot of reputed online cake shops which offer mouth watering cakes with these yummy toppings. Now, you can avail online cake delivery in different cities of Jharkhand. You need to simply select the cake, date,  provide address and pay safely. The online cake delivery in Delhi will be received timely and safely. You can also opt for a midnight cake delivery. It will be the surprise cake to bring a million dollar smile on the face of the receiver. 
  • Icing Sugar: Are you looking for a simple yet elegant cake topping? Then icing sugar can be your best decorating choice. The icing sugar brings an ultimate finesse on the top of the cake and adds a delicious creamy sweetness to the cakes. You can also prepare them at home. All you need to do is simply grind the sugar and dust it onto the cake freely. You can also create different designs on the cake. Simply cut out a template using paper and dust over it. You can also add some flavored extract to make an icing sugar paste which is perfect for drizzling over cupcakes or large cakes. Just make sure that the icing sugar should be completely cool before you dust them on the cake, otherwise icing sugar will melt. Surely you, the recipient and other guests will relish every bite of sugar iced cake.
  • Nuts: Nuts are the healthiest choices to decorate a cake. It’s always good to keep them a little bit chunky to compliment the silkiness and smoothness of your cake. Brazil nuts, crystallised ginger, dried apricots and cranberries are some of the best toppings to enhance the look and taste of the cake. The nutty topped cake will definitely make the perfect gift for your loved one. He/she will definitely admire it and applaud you with the compliment for your amazing choice.

 Want to take your homemade cake to the next level. Do try out these toppings. These decorative elements will definitely make plain cakes visually interesting and utterly delicious by taste. Even if you are buying a cake online or from a local shop, prefer the cake toppings discussed above. Surely it will be liked by the recipient and every one present in the party.