7 Struggles Every Bubble Tea Lovers Can Relate With

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Do you drink at least a cup of bubble tea daily? Do you drink bubble tea first thing in the morning? Do you spend a good chunk of your money on bubble tea? If yes, you're a true boba tea lover. The truth is, being a bubble tea lover isn't easy. Let's check out some of the struggles bubble tea lovers can relate to.

1. You Have Endless Options To Choose From

There's a bubble tea for every mood and event. So it's understandable why tea lovers become overwhelmed with what to choose. Sounds relatable,Guest Posting right?

A true bubble tea lover will choose the black matcha tea to prepare for the typical workout session. To sleep calmly like a newborn, they'll prefer the first taro series. So, it's hard to decide what to order for, and that's fine. And that's fun.

2. Drink Different Types Of Bubble Tea

Bubble tea lovers practically drink all types of tea combo. The fresh taro series, jasmine green tea with tapioca pearl, just name it and you have it. Because it can be hard to determine which combo is the best, they resort to giving everything a try.

3. Reduces Storage Space

Check the cupboard of a bubble tea lover and you'll be surprised at the free sight of collections of unused bubble tea cups with fat straws. Well, this doesn't stop them from buying more because they believe that there's always a tea yet to taste (and that's fine).


They always order fancy, new flavors regardless of the condition of their pocket. The thought of not being able to sip tea in a day runs shivers down their spine.

4. Meeting An Opposite Version Of Themselves

What defines a good day for a tea lover is being able to sip their favorite milk tea. They're surprised to meet someone who doesn't like bubble tea.

Their life's goal suddenly becomes to preach to the "poor thing" about what they're missing.

5. Obsessed With The Health Benefit Of Bubble Tea

Bubble tea lovers love Google, not for any reason other than to search for the benefits of bubble tea. Tea contains antioxidants that fight against disease, keep the body in shape, and maintain overall health.

"Sip some bubble tea" is their best advice for anyone with a health condition.

Are you sad? Moody? Unable to sleep? Having a headache? There's always a bubble tea for your condition.

6. There's A Misconception About Their Passion

Bubble tea lovers start their day with a magic cup of tea. It's like their meditation. The soothing sensation of the tea on their lip rejuvenates their soul.

7. It's Challenging To Keep Track Of Daily Bubble Tea Consumption

A typical day of every tea lover begins and ends with a bubble tea. Time has nothing to do with their love for tea. whether it's summer or winter, the love for bubble tea continues to wax stronger. They consume bubble tea frequently so it's challenging to keep track of their daily tea consumption.

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