Best Boba Flavors From Across The World - Find Your Boba Flavor

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Find your ideal bubble tea or boba flavor and plan your next boba treat with a friend.

Nothing feels better than bubble tea with great company!

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea


Also called Lai Cha,Guest Posting or Black Milk Tea, Hong Kong style is made from evaporated milk and brewed black tea. The creamy milk is a perfect blend of calm flavor and creamy textures, an ideal option for newbie bubble tea lovers.


Thai Iced Milk Tea


Ever wondered what that orange milk tea really is? That's the Thai milk tea: subtle flavor and yummy taste. Unlike the typical black milk tea, Thai milk tea has more fragrant taste. More classic too! You will be happy to try it out.


Taro Milk Tea


If you're looking for a sugary bubble tea, you just found one. With vanilla bean like flavor, this purple bubble tea is your perfect balance whenever you're in a salty situation.

With a milky consistency and a little of taro, you'll enjoy a snack with the Taro Milk Tea.


Oolong Milk Tea


Filled with incredible flavors, oolong milk tea is one of a kind. The oxidation process involved in its making process will give you an earthy or floral flavor. What's more, you can expect a yummy after-taste flavor after the first sip.


Honeydew Bubble Tea


Gorgeously crisp and refreshing, honeydew bubble tea can function as a smoothie or a slightly tasteful tea in a typical summer noon. With fresh honeydew pearls at the base, stay refreshed and quenches your thirst as you take each sip.


Mango Bubble Tea


Exceptionally delicious and refreshing, mango bubble tea is popular among the Asians.

Many even prefer it to the watermelon bubble tea. With its refreshing fruity flavor and rich textures, mango bubble tea is your best bet on a hot summer noon.


Strawberry Bubble Tea


Sweet. Light. Refreshing. Delicious. Strawberry bubble tea has everything you need in a bubble tea. With a nice blend of tart, sweetness, and flavor, this tea is a powerful contender and blends with almost all cuisine.


Vietnamese Coffee


Containing medium roasted coffee, Vietnamese coffee is usually served with a glass full of ice for a delicious quench. Containing condensed milk for sweetness and delightful taste, this beverage is your best bet after a heavy meal. Or after a tiring day!


Final thoughts


Overall, our list of bubble tea flavors is an opportunity to discover the bubble tea flavor that is ideal for them. Or if you're an experienced boba drinker that would love to know what's new in the bubble tea world.


With these, you should be able to find your favorite flavor. Apart from generic bubble tea flavor, you can also check out unique flavors specific to certain boba shops, seasonal offerings, special holidays, and more. You can find your favorite flavor at bubble tea store. Each of these stores lets you choose your favorite flavor. Have a great sip.

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