Benefits of Hot Air Popcorn Poppers

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There are a number of advantages in owning a hot air popcorn popper. Below, I review some of these advantages.

Most people simply love popcorn and not without good reason. It is a mouth-watering and satiating snack that can make a great movie night even greater. When made with the right method,Guest Posting popcorn can be a very heathy dish with few calories and amount of fiber and protein. Needless to say it is also vegan and gluten-free. Using a hot air popper is one of the most popular methods of preparing this awesome food at home and as discussed below it has a number of benefits that make it better than other methods.

The first and the most important benefit of hot air popcorn poppers is about healthy eating. An air popper fries popcorn by blowing very hot air at it until it pops. No oil is needed at this stage. This lets you to have completely oil-free popcorn if you wish but for the sake of taste you can always add some butter or virgin olive oil after the popcorn has come out of the machine. In any case, popcorn made with hot air has the least calories and no fried oil particles in it. Needless to say that it is also completely free of the food additives you get in microwave popcorn and the ones you buy in movie theaters.

A good hot air popcorn popper is also the cheapest means to getting a bowl of fresh and tasty popcorn. You do not pay for oil and energy waste is very low because an air popcorn popper only heats what is inside whereas a pan or stainless steel popcor maker on a stovetop loses a lot of heat to the surroundings. Microwave wastes no energy but it needs bagged microwave popcorn that costs more than plain corn kernels. Microwave popcorn is more of a convenience food than an economic and healthy snack like air popped popcorn.

Finally, using a hot air popcorn popper is the cleanest method. Frying corn with oil on a stovetop creates a dirty and smelly dishes and washing them will not be as enjoyable as devouring oil popped corn. Microwave is cleaner but you still get an oily bowl and hands. This is in contrast to hot air popcorn makers that never use oil. In fact, these machines need little if any cleaning at all.

In conclusion, there is good reason to claim that hot air popping is the best way to make popcorn. Now that we have made this point clear, your next step is to search for the best hot air popcorn popper.

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