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A few words regarding some basic questions we always hear about sushi! Do you like sushi? Well.. that is a "stupid" question! Who doesn't like sushi these days!? Delicious and tasty food! The last hear sushi is getting more "viral" all over the world! Not sure what is the reason for that but.. why not right? Only positive vibes from sushi someone can have! :)

How is sushi made?

Some people like making sushi with the

Sushi Kit. The same concept applies whether you use a sushi kit or prepare sushi by hand.

If you have to provide your own,Guest Posting it's very easy. How you cook sushi determines its shelf life. Food poisoning can be prevented if the fish is well prepared.

Frozen fish is usually preferred when making sushi because the cold kills some of the bacteria that eat dead fish. Sushi with fresh fish is the best. Waiting to use the fish makes it more susceptible to bacteria. Next, slice the fish according to the type of sushi you are making. When making sushi rolls, you must use either rice or seaweed.

If using rice, it should be cooked and then seasoned with vinegar and sugar. Next, you need to spread the rice on a rolling mat. Some people usually add other spices to the rolls to add flavor.

What is sushi?

Sushi can be described as a Japanese delicacy, but of course, its popularity has increased in recent years thanks to globalization. People are so addicted to sushi fever that they rarely take the time to research to understand what it is and how it is made. Some people who do prefer to stay away from sushi for fear of getting sick. Sushi is raw fish. In Japan, sashimi is used as the main ingredient in cooking.

Sushi contains vinegared rice in addition to fish. Some shops only sell rice and seaweed. This is not real sushi! There are many types of sushi to choose from.

First, the nigiri sushi. A popular dish that uses rice and fish. The seafood used in this sushi is typically tuna, yellowtail, or shrimp.

Nori sushi, known as makizushi, is classified as either tuna maki or cucumber maki and is sometimes called norimaki. Other types of sushi include deep-fried inari sushi and chirashizushi, which is topped with rice and other ingredients.

Types of Sushi:

Sushi Maki

Known as maki sushi (seaweed), it consists of fish or seafood, rice, and nori. A fat maki, one of the larger varieties of maki, is typically filled with two or more distinct ingredients. "Hosomaki," which is also known as "thin maki," is a sushi roll with just one filling, usually fish or seafood. It can also have vegetables or omelets.

Spicy Tuna

Western favorite sushi with spicy tuna. Cube-shaped red tuna is used for production. Garnish the tuna fillets with the spicy chili sauce. Sushi rolls can be eaten with hot sauce in the middle, top, or side. Click the link above to learn more about our Spicy Tuna Rolls, how to make them, and the full recipe.

Sushi nigiri

In hand-shaped sushi, the fish is shaped by hand. Raw fish, seafood, tamago, or another topping is sandwiched between sushi rice seasoned with vinegar and wasabi. 

Uramaki Sushi

Similar to 'makizushi', uramaki (uramaki) is made with two or more ingredients, such as salmon, cucumber, and pineapple. The rice is on the outside of the seaweed. You may be able to put thin slices of fish, seafood, or vegetables such as avocado or sweet potato on top.

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