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The vibrant community of Canton GA is well known for its attractive downtown area. With dozens of points of interest, from its enchanting small-town theatre to its many bars, restaurants and clubs.

Whether your idea of a perfect night involves a couple of rounds at the bar,Guest Posting a delicious home-style meal or dancing till the morning light, you can be sure that the city of Canton has what you are looking for.

Now, if you’re looking for something to eat, there are a lot of options; too many in fact! From Japanese and Mexican restaurants that represent the more ethnic side of Canton dining to all-American BBQ joints that keep it American, there simply too many to choose from. So without any further ado, let’s get into it! 


1. Downtown Kitchen 


Starting it off with a slice of Americana, we have the warm atmosphere and delicious southern cooking that you’ll find at the Downtown Kitchen. With a wide variety of entrees on offer, the food you’ll find at the Downtown Kitchen is delicious and filling, as one would expect from such an establishment. When you add to that the warm, welcoming atmosphere, there’s no possible way you can leave this restaurant unhappy! 


If you still have any reservations (pun fully intended), let’s add another thing to the list of things the Downtown Kitchen has going for it: live music! When you eat at the Downtown Kitchen, you are sure to leave with your soul satisfied as well as your stomach! 


2. Goin’ Coastal 


If you prefer something with a bit more marine flair, you can always spring for the Goin’ Coastal, a charming little seafood restaurant with a wonderful southern vibe. With its wide selection of very reasonably priced seafood, it’s hard to think of any reasons why you wouldn’t enjoy this downtown Canton eatery.


Now, if you don’t care for seafood, you might be thinking that Going Coastal isn’t the place for you. You couldn’t be more wrong! Going’ Coastal offers plenty of options, from delicious steaks to succulent southern-style dishes. There’s plenty to choose from besides seafood! 


3. Mamma Onesta’s Italian Restaurant


When the craving for something a bit more Mediterranean hits you, you need to look no further than Mamma Onesta’s Italian Restaurant. This cozy little family-owned Italian place was opened in 2008 by Mark and Mary DeGrassi and has been serving up delicious pizza, pasta, and Italian food ever since. If you’re looking for a cozy, authentic dining experience, you’ll find it at Mamma Onesta’s.


In keeping with Italian tradition, the service at Momma Onesta’s is warm and friendly, with staff that do their utmost to keep plates full and patrons happy. The restaurant is among the most highly rated on Yelp, Google Reviews and TripAdvisor, and almost every review mentions the excellent service as one of the primary reasons for this! 


4. Yoon Sushi


When you’re in the mood for some delicious Asian food, you’ll find exactly that at Yoon Sushi! With a wide variety of different types of sushi, there are plenty of entrees that will be sure to catch your attention and keep you coming back for more. And let’s not forget the compact but sleek and modern setting of the restaurant; at Yoon Sushi, you’ll be dining in style! 


For those who enjoy a drink with their meal, Yoon Sushi has a wide selection of domestic and imported alcohol. Prominently featuring a number of Japanese whiskeys such as the superbly delicate but fierce Suntory Yamazaki and the fiery, flavorful Nikka Yoichi. Even the most demanding whiskey enthusiast is sure to be satisfied by the selection! 


5. Williamson Bros. BBQ


Who doesn’t love a full rack of Barbeque baby back ribs? Nobody, that’s who! At Williamson Bros. BBQ, you’ll find plenty of American classics, from baby back ribs to pulled pork sandwiches and juicy grilled steaks. And then there are the sides; from heaps of fluffy white mashed potatoes to sauteed green beans and delicious buttermilk biscuits. Basically, if you go to Williamson Bros. Barbeque and you don’t leave several pounds heavier, you’re not doing it right. 


Then there’s the warm and welcoming southern charm of the place; servers are friendly and do their best to make sure you are having a good time. Hospitality is one of the things that the south is best known for, and there’s no better example of this than Williamson Bros. BBQ! 


6. Riverstone Corner Bistro


When you’re looking for something a bit lighter, why not try Riverstone Corner Bistro? With a wide variety of sandwiches and light plates, this is the perfect place to pick up lunch with a friend or partner. What’s more, everything on the menu is absolutely delicious! 


If you like beer, you’ll love Riverstone Corner Bistro. Riverstone has a wide variety of craft and draft beers on offer, that will impress even the most demanding of beer connoisseurs. Whether it’s a frosty mug of dark amber Guinness or a shimmering glass of golden Kronenburg, Riverstone Cornerstone Bistro has what you’re looking for. 


7.  La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant


Finishing off this list is the spicy, savory offerings you’ll find at the La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant. The name of this traditional Mexican restaurant comes from the Spanish word for grill, and it’s easy to see why; La Parrilla is at its best when it’s serving up steaming up enchiladas, burritos and other delicious grilled Mexican dishes.


That’s not to say that their other dishes aren’t tasty; far from it, actually! Every entry on their menu, from the salads to the soups to the desserts are carefully crafted and are sure to have you craving more as soon as you leave. 


If you are a foodie and enjoy immersing yourself in local food culture, you might just enjoy living in Canton! There’s plenty to keep you busy for a long time, after all. If this is the case and you think this town might be a good fit for you, you’ll want to contact one of our top real estate agents in Canton GA


Your new real estate agent will help you find a listing that suits you, and then walk you through the process of making your purchase. Once you’re here, you can continue to immerse yourself in the delicious culinary scene that this town has to offer!

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