British Chocolate is Better Than Ever

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British confectionery has always been good, but it’s getting better and better – and the demand keeps growing.  Don’t miss these home-grown classics.

British chocolate has always been up there with Swiss and Belgian chocolate in terms of variety and quality. Who hasn’t hunkered down with a bar of Dairy Milk,Guest Posting a Mars Bar or fruit and nut chocolate that infuses you with warmth and contentment?

In fact, UK chocolate suppliers have become so good at what they do, that there is an ever growing international demand for British chocolates – and not just from ex-pats!

Home-Grown Flavours Using Home-Grown Produce

This growing demand for home-grown flavours has led chocolate suppliers to begin using a wide variety of British produce to manufacture exciting traditional and new flavours for their chocolates. For example, mint and chocolate have always gone together. But now many chocolate suppliers are stocking different varieties of English mint that grow across the country to produce chocolates with subtle variations in aroma and flavour.

Yet other examples include gin and lemon soft chocolate truffles, combinations of English flowers such as roses and violets that conjure up visions of an English country garden in the spring, and even tea-flavoured chocolates.

A number of domestic chocolate suppliers have introduced a mouth-watering selection of chocolates based on the British sweet tooth. These include a range of chocolate bars that riff on traditional British puddings – Spotted Dick, Treacle Tart, Banoffee Pie and the famed Eton Mess to name but four. We even know of one artisan chocolate maker who produces Marmite filled chocolate bonbons. What could be more British than that? Maybe fish and chip chocolates?

The Empire Strikes Back With Patriotic Confectionery

Way back when, people used to say that “the sun never sets on the British Empire”. Well, while the old colonial Empire is no more, Britain is fast developing into an international empire of chocolate suppliers as the demand for British foods and confectionery spreads from country to country, from continent to continent.

The Chinese, for example, only recently became introduced to the wonderful world of chocolate and the country is in the throes of a nationwide craze for chocolate in all shapes and forms – and especially British!

Thankfully, we don’t have to travel abroad to enjoy the very best of British chocolate – it’s available on every high street, waiting for you to enjoy its flavour and quality.

Getting Ready for Valentine’s and Easter

With Valentine’s Day almost here and Easter getting closer every day, so we can expect a huge increase in demand for British Chocolate. Be it boxes of heart shaped confectionery or chocolate cupids for Valentine’s Day or hand painted chocolate Easter eggs and coloured Easter bunnies for Easter, expect to see a mouth-watering variety on the shelves just waiting for you to buy and give to that special person in your life.

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