Coldplay’s Multi Million Pound Musical Smoothie

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Coldplay is making a killing out of their musical smoothie.

Coldplay has just released two new videos from the album Viva la Vida which have been panned by fans and critics alike for their lack of originality,Guest Posting and centring of attention on Coldplay frontman Chris Martin’s face.

Watch the videos here and decide for yourself.

Coldplay’s Viva la Vida sold 125,000 copies in its first day on sale, and kept on cruising to the top, selling 722,000 copies in its first week. The album was the second fastest selling in UK history. This is not bad for what Chris Martin referred to as a “musical smoothie”.

Coldplay front man Chris Martin explained in an interview with Maxim magazine, "You know when you're drinking those smoothies you've got in America, and you're like, 'I think I can taste papaya.' That's what we're trying to do: make musical smoothies. We'll have a Kanye West influence here, a Beatles influence there. As long as the listener can spot the different ones, we're doing our job."

Brian Eno was reportedly not impressed. Coldplay had asked the former Roxy Music keyboardist to help produce the band’s latest album Viva La Vida and Eno told them exactly what he thought of them.

Chris Martin explained "He [Eno] said, 'Your songs are too long, you're too repetitive and your lyrics aren't good enough.’ Within 20 minutes we'd forgotten about all our previous record sales.”

Die hard Coldplay fans would not agree with this statement and can be summed up with a blogger’s recent exclamation in regards to the new videos: “I effing LOVE Coldplay, this is one of the most beautifal songs ever written. They are true talent and will be around for the long haul like U2!!!”

Chris Martin himself appears to measure his success by karoke bars. Coldplay front man explained: “I’m really determined that there should be more Coldplay songs in karaoke bars. I’ve been into them and you open the lyrics book and there are a million Beatles songs. There’s dozens of ABBA, Culture Club and even Bucks Fizz, but Coldplay? There will be two or at most three.”

But Martin has a brilliant solution: “If we could just get eight in every bar worldwide I’d be happy. I would know we’ve made it. I think there are three karaoke possibilities on ‘Viva La Vida’. It surely has to be the ultimate measure of success.”

Coldplay has stated that they will release another album in late 2009, mostly comprising songs that were not included on Viva la Vida. Viva la Vida has become the most paid-for downloaded album of all time.

Why settle for karoke when you can see the real thing? Coldplay is on tour now. See Coldplay before they decide to take a year long holiday.

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