Delicious Birthday Cake Ideas for Girls and Boys

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Birthdays are incomplete without cakes. It is our special ones, kids who make this day special for us. Celebrations, gifts, and parties are how we can make it more memorable. Here are some of the gender-specific birthday cake ideas for our beloved kiddos.

Bread without butter is incomplete. Likewise,Guest Posting birthdays are incomplete without cakes. We have many red-letter days in our lives. One of them that comes once a year is our birthdays. It is our beloved ones who make this day special for us. Celebrations, gifts, and parties are how we can make it more memorable. We can still make our little angels’ birthdays special. It is by arranging some delicious cakes. We socialize our boys and girls in different ways. Hence the societal choices also differ from each other. Here are some of the gender-specific birthday cake ideas for our beloved kiddos.

Delicious Birthday cake for the Boys:

Boys love to have to celebrate birthdays in their way. Since boys role model their fathers, these cake ideas would mesmerize them.

1. Toolbox Cake:

We socialize our boys to look up to their elder male members like fathers and grandfathers. Every man in their house is a hidden expert in fixing things. Boys love to feel responsible too. Hence, a toolbox cake on his birthday would make him smile the brightest. Scattered edible spanners, screwdrivers, and nuts would make the cake more decorative. You can choose your favorite flavor and order to send a birthday cake.

2. Comic Character Cakes:

Boys love the heroes of every story. They imagine themselves as brave enough like the heroes. And they believe to fight the villain monsters to save the world. Hence, a comic character cake would strengthen their image of being a hero. It would be best if you know his favorite comic book. Also, when people will feel scared of the monster, your boy would assure them about his presence. We want our boys to be heroic. What else can be a better way to make him feel that than devouring the demon on his birthday!

3. Sports theme Cakes:

Kids love to play different sports. They look up to their brothers and fathers. So they love playing rigorous games from childhood. If your kid is fond of cricket, then a cricket theme cake would make him the happiest on his birthday. If he loves football, his favorite chocolate-flavored football cake would make him happy. If you are unable to attend your favorite boy’s birthday, you can choose to send chocolates online on his birthday. His favorite game cake will make him feel more special and loved.

4. Lego/Puzzle Cake:

Boys usually love to play outdoor games. But when they are indoors, the best things they enjoy are the puzzle and the Lego pieces. It would be surprising for him to find his favorite indoor game theme cake. You can choose the color, the design, and the volume of the cake according to the guest list. These cakes are also available ready-made in online gift shops.

5. Dream Profession Cake:

Every boy has a dream of becoming someone in the future. You can choose that profession and theme his birthday cake accordingly. For a boy who wants to be a doctor, a medical theme birthday cake would make him the happiest. If he wants to be a soldier, a war theme cake would inspire him on how you support his dream. If he wants to be a pilot, an airplane theme cake would make them feel beloved and valued. Children always need inspiration for their goals and dreams. We being their significant others must find innovative ways to make them feel valued. These cake ideas are some of the latest cake ideas for boys to celebrate their birthdays.

Delicious Birthday Cake Ideas for Girls:

We socialize our girls in different ways. So their choice of favorites is also different. Here are the most delicious ideas.

1. Ballerina Cakes:

Girls resemble their elder female members in the family. Every girl loves dancing. The postures and beautiful dresses make her wonder to see herself in that. To boost her dream, you can choose ballerina cakes for her birthdays. The cake is of white fondant with whipped strawberry flavor pink creamy waves. Such a cake would strengthen her desire to chase her dreams. This royal cake would turn your beloved’s birthday into a very special one.

2. Disney Princess Cake:

Every girl loves to read Disney comics and imagine them to be those pretty Disney princesses. So, one of the best ways to bring the brightest smile to her face is to surprise her with her favorite princess cake. It can be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. It can be Cinderella from Cinderella. It can even be Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. All these cakes are available in different online cake shops. Such a great surprise on her birthday with her favorite flavor theme cake would be an amazing idea.

3. Colorful Rainbow Cakes:

Girls are very much fond of colors. Different bright and colorful colors make their smile reflect their happiness. Hence, a colorful birthday cake would be a great idea to celebrate her birthday. It can be a rainbow cake or a Tiramisu cake. Such cakes do not look colorful from the outside since they have a vanilla fondant coating. But once they cut the cake, the seven layers of colors and flavors come out. This hidden gem would surprise her and make her smile wide. Such birthday gift ideas for kids would make their birthday more memorable to them.

4. Ice Cream Cakes:

Kids irrespective of gender love ice cream. Also, they are fond of cakes. What if we combine them both and make their birthday cake! It is a very simple cake idea yet very beautiful and delicious. You can choose the cake according to her favorite ice cream flavor. There are ways in which one can decorate the cake beautifully. Sprinkles, choco chips, and the inverse cone would give it more like an ice cream cake look. This is even a favorite cake for teenage girls as well. You can customize the shape, and flavor of the cake in your way from the online cake shops.

5. Dream Job Cake:

Like the boys, girls also have passion and dreams of becoming someone in their lives. You can make such a birthday cake to inspire her. It will also let her know that you are with her always supportive. If she wants to be a doctor, a doctor theme cake would make her happy. If she wants to be an athlete, a sports theme cake would put a bright smile on her face. If she wants to be a singer, a cake with musical symbols and notes would make her feel special. These are very popular teenage girl birthday cake ideas to make her day more beautiful.

Everyone, irrespective of girls and boys, loves their birthdays. They want the day to be memorable and special. And cakes are the best ways to make such celebrations mesmerizing. Above are the delicious birthday cake ideas for both boys and girls.

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