Hot Bubble Tea To Keep You Warm This Winter

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Stay warm during the winter with our hot bubble tea drinks. Many of our menu options can be ordered as a hot drink! Pearls (or more commonly called boba and bubbles) are the perfect topping in our hot drinks.

Bubble tea started as a mixture of small tapioca pearls with hot black tea and syrup. Today,Guest Posting you can get served different varieties of the drink, whether hot or cold. With that said, check out a few hot Bubble tea to keep you warm this winter.


Hot Pearl Milk Tea


This drink comes with black tea, milk and tapioca pearls. Remember you can always customize your sugar level according to your preference.

  Hot Earl Grey Tea Latte


The Tea Latte drinks are made with milk and freshly brewed Earl Grey tea. It’s the perfect combination of milk with the earthy flavors that come from earl grey.


You can stick with your typical bubble tea combo. The Earl Grey milk tea is perfect for new bubble tea lovers with little experience of how various combos work.

  Hot Brown Sugar Ginger Milk Tea


For a limited time try our new Brown Sugar Ginger Milk Tea. The sweetness of the brown sugar and the spice from the ginger makes the perfect combination with our classic milk tea.

  Hot Lavender Milk Tea


Take every warm sip and you’ll fantasize about the sweet lavender smell from this lavender milk tea. Nothing feels better than bringing this milk tea flavor home after a long hectic day, especially when stacked with the mini pearl as a topping.

  Hot Traditional Milk Tea


Traditional milk tea is the best way to relinquish the old traditional days during winter. The traditional milk tea uses Taiwanese black tea as base and tapioca pearls for bubbles. The Taiwanese jelly is also an addition you can give a try.


Papaya Milk Tea


So you’re pushing away the winter with hot tea. Why not add a little summer with the flavor? You’ll love the fruity taste of papaya, especially when you stack it with the lychee popping pearls. That is an extra excitement at its peak.


All options listed are all available at participating Gong cha bubble tea stores. Gong cha offers many different customizations with topping choices such as tapioca pearls (boba / bubbles), milk foam, and red bean. These toppings would work great with a hot tea!


Gong Cha has over 100 locations in the United States with more opening soon.


Recent Store Openings:


11707 Bandera Rd Suite 107, San Antonio, TX 78250


625 E 187th St, Bronx, NY 10458


281 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02115


The Fort Worth store in Texas is located at 9633 North Fwy Fort Worth, TX 76177 and should be opened in November 2021. You can follow with our press release for more details about openings and offers for first time shoppers of the new stores. In addition, the new oat series will be available at these new stores and other selected old stores.

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