How Do you Chose the Best Coffee With So Many Options

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Gourmet coffee now comes in as many types and flavors as there are colors - how do you choose that special coffee to serve to your most important guests? How to brew a home run every time.

Tired of Starbucks and donut coffee and hamburger coffee and you want to help a cause but then you realize there are too many coffee choices so you head to the grocery store. Now you realize there are too many coffee choices - over 200 to choose from in the grocery aisle.

So how do you pick the best coffee,Guest Posting the coffee that will touch their heart and soul with its exquisite taste? And how do you make sure that once you have chosen the right gourmet coffee bean that you brew iit so that you capture all the taste?

So hers is how to brew the best cup of coffee: the perfect cup: You buy some fresh dark roasted gourmet coffee beans from a coffee plant grown in South America - preferably from Costa Rica or even Brazil if you get desperate. Make sure the gourmet coffee is shade grown and grown at the top of the mountain. Make sure they are a dark Roast - to maximize the flavior - and not an esspresso or French roast ( You don't want burnt coffee); be sure the roast is as desired and no more than 45 minutes or you start losing flavor. Again use only Rain Forest shade grown top of the mountain beans. Grind them a lot or a little - the more you grind the more flavor you get. Add hot water, preferably bottled water or filtered water ideally around 195 - 200 degrees F. Wait maybe 5 to 7 minutes. Grab you a French press to remove the coffee filters and impress everyone watching - if nothing else it should improve the coffee ambiance. Drink it black and straight or optionally add spices, milk product, chocolate, sugar, fat free lactose milk creamer; then SIP; Drink. Smile . Wasn't that easy? You just made the perfect cup of coffee.

Now you need it to be the most satisfying cup of coffee. Now how do you turn the perfect cup of coffee into the most satisfying cup of coffee? You use Mission Grounds Gourmet Coffee beans to brew your coffee of course. The gourmet coffee that gives all its proceeds to helping orphans and impoverished children. With every purchase of Mission Grounds coffee beans you are directly helping a homeless child or orphan. As you sip your perfect cup of coffee think about all the orphans and homeless children you are helping; or the new school in Jinming China you are helping to build; or all the orphans in Venezuela who will be in their new casa de ninos soon that you are helping to build; or think about all the orphans in Russia or Kenya you are helping with food or diapers or other supplies.

The coffee is becoming even more satisfying. Think about all the babies in South Africa you are helping with books and all the homeless children in New Orleans you help provide backpacks and books and even some school supplies. So isn't it the most satisfying cup of coffee knowing about all the impoverished children you are helping as you sip the coffee made from the finest shade grown Tarrazu coffee bean grown in Costa Rica.

All our customers claim it's the best coffee they ever tasted but are they confusing satisfying with perfection - or are they? Kick back and picture the smiley children you are helping - amazing how contagious those smiles can be.

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Mission Grounds Gourmet Coffee was founded by George Boake Moore is an IT Sales engineer by trade.The non profit gourmet coffee called Mission Grounds Gourmet Coffee - It donates all its profits to helping orphans and impoverished children. THE Costa Rica Coffee and the best gourmet coffee in the world -surely the most satisfying cup of coffee in the world.

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