How much do you know about Uncooked Rice Wine?

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When someone mentions the word ‘wine’, most of us probably think about Red Wine or White Wine, made of grapes. But several other natural products like fruits or grains have also been used for making wines for centuries across different cultures. After grapes, the wines made out of rice are probably the next most popularly consumed type on the planet. 

Rice wine is prominently consumed across many cultures in the world. While cooked rice wine is more popular as the brewing is simpler,Guest Posting uncooked rice wine is generally considered to be of the better quality.


How is cooked and uncooked rice wine different?


Cooked rice wine is generally easier to ferment and takes a shorter time to produce. It’s also the more popular type of rice wine and is popularly brewed in homes. However, since the rice is cooked, there are certain changes in the original composition of the rice, while the water content also dilutes the original carbohydrate content. However, uncooked rice wine has a stronger flavor as it retains a lot of the original carbohydrate content. Uncooked rice wine also usually takes a longer time to ferment and thus is mostly brewed by professional or experienced brewers who can store them in a safe environment before serving.


Prominently produced in Korea


While Miiju, the cooked rice wine that is popularly produced in China and other East Asian nations are probably among the most well-known alcoholic beverages in the world, uncooked rice wine isn’t as well known. However, uncooked rice wine is the more popular variants in some regions of countries like Korea, where brewers inherit the traditional method of brewing uncooked raw rice wine across generations. The use of specific herbal fruits and flavors are also prominent among most Korean brewers that produce uncooked rice wine.


Unique additive ingredients


Most home brewers and distilleries that make rice wine often don’t add anything to the rice except yeast and water. However, a lot of Korean producers prefer adding exotic herbs and fruits to the original rice mixture so as to give the wine a distinctive taste. Uncooked rice wine is considered to be stronger than grape wines with the alcohol volume varying between 15%-25%.


Consumption is growing around the world


Although uncooked rice wine is still considered to be a sort of a novelty product, the consumption of the same has been growing rapidly around the world. Some prominent manufacturers have been exporting their own unique variety of rice wine across different parts of the world. This high demand for uncooked rice wine is expected to keep growing in the near future.

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