How To Use A Meat Slicer Correctly, The Complete Guide

Apr 7


Alex Dew

Alex Dew

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A meat slicer is an essential kitchen component you should know about handling. This article will explain how to use a meat slicer properly. If you are looking for a convenient answer for the “how to use a meat slicer,” you must have experienced a daunting experience for sure. Unlike any knife in the kitchen, a meat slicer is not an easy thing to handle. A sharpened blade, unfamiliar handle, and the unusual slicing movement-like features will make it more unfamiliar to you. Unless you don’t know how to use a meat slicer, the end result will be a bloody thing as well. This content will explain the correct way to use a meat slicer.


Why Should I Use A Meat Slicer?

There is not just one but many benefits that a meat slicer may serve. First of all,How To Use A Meat Slicer Correctly, The Complete Guide Articles a meat slicer is budget-friendly. Then, it is cute for any hand. Also, a meat slicer is a dependable item for a kitchen. It means you don’t have to bother if finding various knives when you do have a meat slicer that can slice almost everything in the kitchen.

When it comes to family happy moments, you will be able to use the meat slicer fashionably. Indeed, showing off a bit will not be a weird thing.  The ability to cut thinner slices, efficiency, and uniformity of the slices are the rest of the benefits that you can enjoy.  Other than the typical uses, you don’t have to expend extra money for purchasing sliced meat from the market. The meat slicer will do a great job if you know  to use a meat slicer.

How To Use A Meat Slicer, The Step By Step Guide

Although you have the idea this is almost about rocket science, it is not. The 06 steps guide will explain to you to use a meat slicer simply yourself.

Step 01

You should start the slicing process after opening the clamp arm. After placing the meat or your necessary material, you should close the clam arm. Also, you have to ensure the food is held properly by the clamp arm. Another thing to remember before conducting the cutting is to put wax paper on the slice collecting area. It will ensure the slices don’t change their shape after falling and the uniformity is maintained.  After putting a wax paper, you may go to the next step, adjusting the thickness of the slices.

Step 02

How thicker are you going to need the slices just coming out of the cutting surface? If you are interested in changing the thickness of the slices, you have to set the dial to a preferred value. After rotating the knob, it will cause to change the height of the stage. As you already know, what the stage does is to either lift or lower the food. If you don’t know how to use a meat slicer or change the slicing thickness, you can simply get an idea by rotating the knob in both directions. But, you have to make sure the blinking green button is not pushed at any cost.

Step 03

Now you are on step 03, which lets you turn on the meat slicer. If you haven’t connected the meat slicer o the power source, you will have to do that now. After connecting the power to the slicer, you can now turn on the power. Then, you will see the blade is working, and it is ready to do the meat cutting. If you are a beginner, you will have to be more careful than previously, as this is where things can be ugly.

Also, if you are using a commercial meat slicer without a machine, you will not have a power up step, which means you don’t have step 03.

Step 04

Now you are in the slicing step. The secret to having a smooth slicing process is to stay gentle most of the time. The more you deal gently, the slicing will be easier. If what you use is a manual slicer, the slicing will be extra easier. When it comes to a machine-based meat slicer, you will have to be careful of the slicing blade as you still do not know How to use a meat slicer correctly.

You should push the food carriage forward in order to commence the cutting. Holding the carriage’s handle is vital when proceeding to the cutting. Since it maintains the distance between the dangerous blade and the carriage, you will be able to stay out of trouble.

You will see that the sliced meat falls into the carriage or the placed wax paper once you pushed the carriage. After pushing forward is done, you should pull the carriage to your side to complete a cutting cycle.  If you are doing a great job, things will be familiar to you within the next couple of seconds.

If you feel comfortable with the slicing process, you will be able to place your hands on where the slices fall into. That bravery will save your meat slices from dirt and misshaping incidents.

Step 05

After completing the slicing work, you should turn off the meat slicer. After disconnecting the wire connection, you should get the thickness to zero by rotating the dial knob. It will save you and your loved ones by locating the blade up against the exposed parts of the slicer. However, introducing a speared location for the slicer will be a wise thing to do as it can minimize the possible accidents occurred to kids.

Step 06

 As the last thing to do, you must clean your meat slicer after completing the slicing work. The blade is the most important part to clean as it can produce unfavorable odors and remain blood patches. The carriage surface, handle, and knob are the other parts you should clean.

Special Notes

If you don’t know to use a meat slicer, this guide will be helpful to you for sure. But, there are some other things that you should know about using a meat slicer.

Don’t use the meat slicer for slicing frozen food items as it can damage the blade of the slicer.

Don’t use the slicer for cutting meat with string bones.

Don’t try to slice the food single-handedly if you how to use a meat slicer.

Wear safety clothes such as cutproof clothing when using the meat slicer.

Sharpening a meat slicer will be required if you have used the slicer for a longer time