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Drinking wine is part of the Mediterranean culture, and what is certain is that in the last few years wine has reached a new target: a more heterogeneous group of aware consumers, composed not only by mature consumers (especially men), but also by women, young people or older consumers that have discovered the passion for food and for the right combination of wine and dishes.



But there is a difference between the wine people drink in wine shops or in the bars that are well-equipped with fine labels,Guest Posting and the wines that people choose to buy to drink at home or to give as a present. Wine shops are attended by wine lovers that want to drink some prestigious wines or simply a fine wine, but people go there not only to buy a bottle of wine, but also to have a chat with friends or to share opinions about the wine with the sommelier: this is more than a simple consumer.


In a society where people are supposed to be always on a rush, where every minute counts and people do not have enough time to devote themselves to their passions, finding a moment to buy a good bottle of wine is not so straightforward; to buy food, the average consumer usually go to departments stores, where you can buy most of the products that you need at home and for yourself, magazines, small DIY objects, fresh or packaged food and also wines.


The consumer that buys wines at the supermarket is often looking for a promotions and special offer and does not have a wide knowledge of enology, viticulture or winemaking. The most popular wines in department stores, indeed, are light red wines or sparkling white wines, which people usually drink when they have lunch or dinner at home or to accompany cakes and desserts. And as far as wine lovers are concerned, it is unlikely that they look for a bottle of precious wine at the supermarket: on the contrary, they will try to fine the right compromise of price and quality. 


Divided between the impossibility of buying wine in specialized wine shops and the limited choice given by departments stores, expert consumers often choose to buy online wine, for example on the website of Saywine; in this way, one can spare up to 30% in comparison to other channels; moreover the range of products one can buy is potentially unlimited, and it can include also labels of precious, ancient and international wines of special years.


There are several online shops of wines, but not all of them choose the same types of wines and above all they do not offer the same customer service, which might include phone or e-mail support given by a wine expert, the specifications of each bottle, the possibility to have a gift wrapping, the additional sale of accessories (corkscrews, drop stop disks, decanters), free delivery over a certain amount.  







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