Bathroom renewal: detractions till the end of the year in Italy

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For the Italians that are thinking about renovating their bathroom, this is the best moment to do so: Irpef detractions on renovation costs, indeed, will be valid till the end of the year.


Till the end of  the year Italian people will have the chance to benefit from the Irpef detractions for home improvements improvements (you can find more information on the website of Virtual Bazar): last call thus for those who are planning to renew one or more rooms of their house,Guest Posting the bathroom for example, and want to save some money.


Renewing a bathroom can be expensive, because very often it does not only means to replace a piece of furniture or to paint the walls, since works might involve also plants, fixtures and so on. This is why the detractions for home improvements can be useful to many families.


Among the works that can be done to renew a bathroom, replacing the tub with the shower seems to be a very demanding one, as it might be necessary to revolutionize the structure of the room and make invasive works. On the other hand, replacing a tab with a shower might be very advantageous in the long term, since having a shower instead of a bath you can save water and consequently you have advantages also from an economic point of view.


Before you start renewing your bathroom, you must know that you have to obtain special authorizations, which vary upon the type of work you want to make. In  the case you plan to modify the surface of the bathroom (i.e. if you want to move walls), it will be necessary to present an official document that testifies the beginning of the works  thirty days before or, in the case of smaller works, it will be sufficient to present a certification once works have begun. Moreover, in the end the enterprise that has made the works has to release the conformity declaration, that will need to be signed by the legal representative of the enterprise and by the technical manager and contain files about the plant and the enterprise that has carried out the works.


In addition to know what are the necessary authorizations to start the renewal works of the bathroom, one has to know what type of works to expect. A complete renewal of the bathroom results in the replacement of fixtures, tub or shower floor, wall coatings. In the case of a complete renewal of the bathroom you need to lay a hand on the hydraulic and electric plants, and you need to dismantle the old bathroom. Once you have dismantled the old bathroom, you can start building the new one, and this work might include laying the floor and coating walls, and only in the end you can think about furniture and finishing.


Obviously the furniture of a bathroom, as happens in all the other rooms of the house, varies depending on the personal tastes and needs. It is interesting to know, if you have to renew the bathroom, that Irpef detractions can be applied also to fixtures and furniture: one more reason to renew your bathroom choosing new pieces of furniture!




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