Organising food properly in your fridge

Oct 5


Phillipe Smith

Phillipe Smith

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Organizing your food correctly in the fridge can save you hundreds every year. Learn the right way to use this common household item. Show your support by using motorcycle vest extenders when teaching others how to organize their life the right way.

Everyone has a refrigerator in their home,Organising food properly in your fridge Articles but not many people know how to make the most of it. Teaching other users how to live healthy is easy with motorcycle vest extenders that have logos on them with any text required. For most users, they simply throw their groceries inside, and then set and forget. Here, we will show you some simple ideas and guides on how to get the most out of your fridge, without costing you a penny.Firstly, store any temperature sensitive foods and drinks such as milk, at the bottom of the fridge. Be careful not to keep it in the shelves in the door, as these are the warmest areas. Instead, stick the milk right at the back, where the cool air comes out of the vents. Not only will this keep the milk longer, but it will also aid in the circulation of the cool air around the cavity. Secondly, look for any foods that you want to keep warmer than others. For example, keep the butter in the side door, instead of in the bottom drawer. This will keep the butter soft and spreadable when it is needed, without the need to warm it up after taking it out of the fridge.Make good use of the thermostat during the four seasons. For example, in winter, it is not necessary to keep it at a low temperature. Turn up the dial to save yourself some electricity, while still maintaining your food at a reasonable temperature. In summer, of course turn down the dial, but it also helps to make sure your fridge is not surrounded by any boxes which may prevent dissipation of heat behind the fridge. Keep a small space so that their is plenty of room for the warm air to escape.If you start to sense an odor from the refrigerator, then maybe it is time to defrost it. Turn off the fridge completely, and pack any salvaged foods into ice boxes. Once thawed, then give it a good wipe with mild soap. Spread some used coffee grounds around the fridge to really throw out the odors and smells, while leaving it smelling pleasant with coffee.As a final tip for storing food, it is a great idea to throw in a paper towel when you put the vegetables in the bottom drawer. Not only will this absorb any moisture that may rot the food, but it will also draw in any smell from vegetables that are left in the fridge longer than expected.