Some fascinating facts about Cajun cooking

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In today's fast paced life where we are all rushing to scratch sometime for ourselves, Cajun is one country where till date cooking is considered a precious form of art. While there are no particulars in its recipes, a key ingredient is love & emotions

. Many people in the country and elsewhere try to imitate the real Cajun flavor but are not able to do so. One reason might be that there are no defined quantities. Yet another major reason is that one must have a sincere feel to cook & serve the best in order to gain that excellence.

Cajun cooking includes a lot more than mere lagniappe from the pantry or the spice cabinet. Here are some fascinating facts about Cajun cooking:

1. Cajun cooking has very few exact recipes.

These recipes are often focused on taste factor that is more oft based on an individual's decision. That means no measurements are fixed.

2. The mood of the cook decides the taste.

Try cooking a Cajun dish 4 times in a day and you shall find that every time it shall taste a bit different. For more details .The hidden spice of these dishes is the mood of the cook. Cook it happily and dish turns out 'yum'. The moment you cook angrily,Guest Posting it shall become hot & spicy and might lead to the rage of the ones who eat it.

3. Present it with a 'Bam.'

Remember Emeril Lagasse. He often relates some experience or story with his dishes and whenever he presents them, he does it with a "Bam!" This kicks off some special taste buds among the people and they relish the food all the more.

4. Meet with the person's heart & soul.

Cajun cooking believes that good food is all about meeting their heart & soul. Love, affection & a feeling to serve are the hidden ingredients of Cajun cooking. This also explains as to why some southern cooked dishes are called 'soul food'. Remember the New Orleans delicacies - Well the place itself is located in the Deep South.

5. Grab the real & right ingredients.

Cooking Cajun food outside the New Orleans region at times can be a major challenge. This is because its ingredients are pretty hard to find. It seems just impossible to come across fresh spices & seasonings that are indispensable to most Cajun foods. Other hard nut to crack is locating andouille sausage and fresh crawfish during the mid of Michigan winter.

6. Visit the nearest specialty store for the right ingredients.

In case you are really interested to cook Cajun food at home, watch for the right ingredients in the specialty food shops. Also there are shops where you can place special orders and get your list done. For more details .The international food sections at some grocery stores stock limited Cajun seasonings. However, these sources are very few.

7. Add a little jazz to set the mood.

Once you are through with the requisites, charge up the environment with some jazz and glare to set your mood as well as for those whom you are serving.

8. Cajun cooking takes time so be patient and chalk out some of your schedule for it.

The best of Cajun delicacies require substantial time for simmering. One must have the patience and schedule the cooking accordingly. Assure yourself that the food would be done in time and I do not need to rush. There are ways to see when the food is done. It would be great to try these means. One must have a first hand experience of the same, rest the stories might be mere myths.

9. Cajun cooking is an emotional experience.

This type of cooking judges your talent, certifies your patience and sometimes charges up your energy levels. It is surely an experience worth trying.

10. Cajun food enlists some of the richest delicacies on the planet.

Excelling the art of cooking would put you through slavery of your taste buds for years together. Try these to become one of the earnest slaves!

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