Stay Warm And Refreshed - Best Bubble Tea For Winter

Dec 25


Rosario Berry

Rosario Berry

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Good news. Winter is here. It's time to ditch your favorite bubble tea and ignore the craving since the last thing you'd want to do is to take something cold, right? Wrong.


Bubble tea is created to be enjoyed every time,Stay Warm And Refreshed - Best Bubble Tea For Winter Articles regardless of the season. While the older version of the tea is more popular, you can still enjoy a series of warm bubble tea for the winter.


You only need to choose the right combo.


Introducing traditional milk tea. Some bubble tea chains like Gong Cha create bubble tea with oolong or jasmine tea as a base and non-dairy milk powder instead of the typical condensed milk.


Fact is, whenever you crave bubble tea in winter, just go for it. That said, here are a few milk tea combos you can try out for Christmas.


Check them out below.

  Lavender milk tea


Remember that sweet lavender scent? That's what you will get with the lavender milk tea. Visit the nearest Gong Cha store, place your order, and ship your warm milk tea. You'll be happy you did. And you can decide to bring it home to sip after a long, hectic workday.


Traditional milk tea


It's time to go back to the roots where it all started. Traditional milk tea is a good option for the winter cold. With Taiwanese black tea as the base and small tapioca pearls as the bubble, your winter will feel great with each sip.


Taiwanese jelly is also an excellent option to try it with. Overall, this traditional milk tea takes you back to the days while satisfying your winter bubble tea crave.

  Papaya milk tea


Milk tea takes away the winter cold. The papaya adds an uplifting scent to the winter bubble tea. You'll love the fruity taste of Papaya, and when you add lychee popping pearls, the deliciousness will be out of this world. Anyway, it all boils down to personal interest, and that's fine.

  Earl Grey milk tea


Do you not love to get adventurous with your bubble tea combo? Do you not have an interest in mixing different bubble tea flavors? This milk tea is for you. Just place your order and sip. However, remember that not adding tapioca pearl takes off the fun.


You can get these bubble tea at the nearest Gon Cha bubble tea store near you. However, these are not the only hot drinks available at Gong Cha's outlets. Visit their stores to find out what flavors will soothe you for the winter.


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Plus, an ongoing Cha store at 313 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215 in Brooklyn is set to open at the end of this year.