The Benefits of Natural Energy Drinks

Dec 3


Bruce Markey

Bruce Markey

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Everyone needs a boost from time to time, but is the energy boost worth the risks associated with most commercial energy drinks? While many energy drink brands come loaded with harmful sweeteners, natural energy drinks provide users with a fresh and natural source of energy.


Almost everyone has stopped in at a local store to grab an energy drink on the go. Some days,The Benefits of Natural Energy Drinks Articles that extra boost of energy is needed to get through mountains of work or an extra long shift. While energy drinks can help users get through the day, many commercial energy drinks are loaded with artificial sweeteners and result in a hard crash. For those in need of sustainable energy, natural energy drinks are the way to go.

The Energy Drink Industry

Energy drinks, as an industry, have seen tremendous growth over the decade, with the size of the energy drink market rivaling even the most popular coffee chains. There is no shortage of energy drink brands, and despite the long list of adverse health effects (including headaches, heart palpitations, and increased anxiety), energy drink sales continue to soar. Commercial brands’ notoriety has grown alongside the popularity of energy drinks, and as more users become aware of the risk factors, more people are beginning to look for alternative sources of energy. Fortunately for energy drink enthusiasts, there is a growing market for natural energy drinks that utilize clean and naturally occurring ingredients to give users the much sought-after boost.

Natural Energy VS Artificial

There are cases upon cases of energy drinks on the market, but unfortunately, many of these products are loaded with artificial sweeteners and are all around not an ideal addition to any lifestyle. Some energy drinks are filled to the brim with sugar, boasting over 30 grams of sugar per serving, and other brands go as far as using synthetic caffeine. While many commercial energy drinks rely on artificial sweeteners and sugars to give users a burst of energy, natural energy drinks harness the power of nature to provide users with clean and healthy energy from natural sources. This natural energy is not only healthier, but it also provides a more powerful boost without the dreaded crash.

The Secret to Natural Energy

Natural energy drinks make great additions to a healthy lifestyle. Everyone needs an energy boost once in a while, especially on those seemingly never-ending days. Plant-based energy drinks bring incredible benefits to the table. A common addition to natural energy drinks is adaptogens, a family of herbs and roots found in the Amazon. These superfoods provide a variety of health benefits, including a healthy boost of natural energy. A number of energy boosting adaptogens benefit overall body functions and act as a source for much needed vitamins and minerals.

Getting the Boost without the Crash

There are a number of reasons one may look to energy drinks for a boost. Whether fighting off a restless night or hoping to increase focus for a hard day’s work, energy drinks can serve as useful tools. For anyone looking to add a boost of energy to their day, incorporating natural energy drinks into one’s diet is an ideal alternative to commercial drinks loaded with sugar. While natural energy drinks can provide essential nutrients, it is important that energy seekers are aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Energy drinks are intended to complement a balanced diet, not replace it.