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Moonlight Tea, also known as Yue Guang Bai. The tea was processed by using the same technique for Fuding White tea, that’s why people regarded Yue Guang Bai as a white tea.


Jinggu is one of the large growing areas in puer city where is famous for its high-quality white tea. It’s made entirely from tea leaves of ancient old tea trees as material,Guest Posting consequently, fresh tea leaves are very rich in nutrients, which also results the dry tea is characterized by strong fragrance, remarkable taste with multiple infusions.


Clean and balanced notes of oak wood and geranium define the cup. A pleasant woody length is accentuated, throughout, by the crisp, fragrant notes of geranium. In addition, hints of melon seed can be picked out in the aftertaste alongside the soft woody-floral attributes. The second steep is sweeter and has a more pronounced flavor of geranium in it.

What makes this tea so special?

So what makes Moonlight White one of a kind? It all comes down these two factors:

Oxidation level

Moonlight White is more heavily oxidized than most of our white teas. This is mainly due to the tea being exposed to oxygen for a longer period of time, resulting in a darker and slightly more robust leaf.

The way it’s steeped

Although Moonlight White is processed as a white tea, it steeps just like a black one. How cool is that? The tea leaves are as hearty as a pu’erh’s, meaning they can withstand hotter water temperatures and a longer steeping time. If you want to enjoy Moonlight White at its finest, steep in hot water of about 90-95°C (194-203°F) for 4-7 minutes to help extract all the wonderful flavours and aromas of the tea leaves. You can try to resist, but you know you can’t fight the moonlight! Online shop that you can find if you are interested in.


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