The Poor Man's Cappuccino

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How to make a tasty cappuccino-style drink with nothing more than a mug and a microwave.

There is nothing quite like a cappuccino. Somehow it manages to combine the delicious taste you expect from a quality cup of coffee with the refreshing effect you expect from a colder drink. It's one thing to enjoy an occasional cappuccino as a treat on a day out. But what if you could also enjoy it as a regular treat at home.Cappuccino-making machines for the home and office are now easily available. But  there is an even cheaper way to make a hot,Guest Posting tasty cappuccino-style drink:- Boil some water - Prepare a mug with a quantity of instant coffee to taste- Add sugar if required- Pour in some milk, about 1.5 cm is usually about right- Microwave for about 40 secs on full power- When the mixture starts to boil, remove from the microwave- Whisk the milk until it froths- Top up with boiling water- Drink and enjoyIf you do want to buy a cappuccino machine for a more authentic drink, there are three different types to choose from, of which bean to cup coffee machines probably deliver the freshest coffee and the best taste.

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