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Eating dinner in Boston is something that many of us see as a special occasion type of outing. Because of this reasoning, I have come to the conclusion that the Best Boston Restaurant may be something I never truly find.,,

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Eating dinner in Boston is something that many of us see as a special occasion type of outing. Because of this reasoning, I have come to the conclusion that the Best Boston Restaurant may be something I never truly find. All of the restaurants that I have been to have taught me valuable lessons, mostly negative but there is some positive in there somewhere.  The main thing that I have noticed however is that the wait staff has the ability to make or break any experience and ultimately move a restaurant from Best Boston Restaurant to a not so appealing category.


We have all had an unpleasant experience with a host that starts you off in a bad mood. The correct thing would be for them to remember that they are the first impression you get, and as we all know, a first impression is a lasting impression. If they are able to create that initial connection with you, there is a chance you will return and become more than just a customer to them. There have been times where I have gone a restaurant, admittedly hesitant because it’s my first time there, and I felt immediately at ease because of the host. But of course, this is just the beginning of the wait staff.


An attentive server is perhaps the most important employee a restaurant can have. They can provide you with more extensive descriptions of the food and what the specials are. Recommendations from servers almost never steer you wrong, and their enthusiasm can set the mood for your dinner. I personally love when a server brings their own personality into their job criteria. They are required to tell you about the specials and about promotions going on, but when they can tell you in a way that makes you think about trying something new, it shows that they care about the kind of dining experience you have with them. However, I have had some servers, even at the Best Boston Restaurant that thoroughly disappointed me. Their attitude is unpleasant, their menu knowledge is subpar and their attentiveness is nonexistent. On these occasions, I have only seen them to place an order and then get a check. While I can understand not wanting to be annoying and spend too much time at a table, it is very important to check on food quality within 30 seconds of it arriving at the table.


While many people tend to ignore the servers entirely, I feel like their performance says more about a restaurant than anything else. These people are the ones that have been hired as the lifeline between the kitchen and the customers in the restaurant. They need to be able to efficiently and effectively communicate what the customer is ordering, this prevents unhappy customers and assures that the kitchen doesn’t have to remake dishes that could’ve been perfect, had that server been diligent.


Having a great experience at any restaurant does not only depend on the company you bring; it depends on the atmosphere the restaurant creates through its staff. Hopefully more restaurants take this into consideration, and eventually every experience will be a pleasant one.

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