Where To Find Boba Milk Tea in Boston

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Boba tea with your favorite flavor and topping is the biggest treat ever. Some fans call the beverage a "drink and snack combo" and they are right. Because, as you know, it's not boba milk tea if it comes with nothing to chew.

Fortunately for us,Guest Posting Boston has great bubble tea stores where you can enjoy your favorite milk tea. Bubble tea lovers can grab their boba milk tea in the following stores.


1. Massachusetts - Boston Address - 40-44 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02111           Phone number - 617-574-4870


This store opened a few years ago in Chinatown, Boston. The store is fully functional serving the needs of tea lovers within the location and beyond. You can order boba milk here and have easy access to your favorite milk tea. Apart from boba milk tea, the store also prepares slushes and tea lattes.


What to expect: Their boba milk teas are fantastic. Be sure to try the dirty brown sugar milk tea!


2. Massachusetts - Northshore Mall Address - 210 Andover St, Peabody, MA 01960               Phone Number - 978-817-7780


This is a cute bubble tea shop located in Northshore Mall Massachusetts. Apart from serving the yummy boba milk tea, they are also located in a shopping mall with great shopping. This means you can have fun while sipping your favorite milk tea combo.

The ambiance at the Northshore Mall store is awesome.


What to expect; Top grade store you can't go wrong visiting

  3. Massachusetts - Allston Address - 154 Harvard Ave., Allston, MA 02134           Phone Number - 617-208-8561


Located in Allston, Massachusetts, this store was the first store I had my first bubble tea. The vibe, the atmosphere, everything was awesome. And the staff at this Gong cha store knows their milk tea. If you want to learn about different bubble tea combos, this store is for you. Their professional staff takes the time to share their knowledge of the tea they serve. Plus, they serve different varieties of tea.


What to expect: Delicious boba milk tea


4. Massachusetts - Malden Address - 140 Centre Street, Malden, MA 02148           Phone number - 781-605-1173


This store is located in Malden in Massachusetts. This spot has a nice interior, stunning exterior.The traditional taste of their milk tea is excellent.


Feel free to explore other options like the passion fruit green tea with pearls and coconut jelly. Excellent toppings!


What to expect - a highly recommended store you can count on for your favorite milk tea


5. Boston Address - 281 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02115 Phone number - 671-685-1674


This store just opened near Northeastern University. They serve freshly brewed milk tea where you can customize the level of sugar and ice in your tea.


They also serve great toppings like white pearls and oreo crumbs. The free WiFi makes the store a go-to for students nearby.


New Tea Alert - Gong Cha reintroduces the oat series in multiple varieties. They are available in selected Gong Cha stores. Feel free to check a Gong Cha store near you for availability.

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