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What can you do about uneven subfloors? Uneven subfloors must be leveled before you install any type of flooring or carpet pad. Self-leveling mortar or concrete is one way that you can try to level out the floors. Applying this mortar to your subfloor according to the manufacturer's directions can help to get the floors into proper condition so that you can begin installing your flooring.

When properly constructed and installed,Guest Posting a floor last for over 50 years. But what do you do if your sub floor is uneven? Subfloors are essential for installing the actual flooring by giving it a suitable base and may also house heating and air conditioning ducts. Properly constructed subfloors increase the life of the actual floor that you walk on.

Floating floors or ceramic floors that are installed on top of uneven subfloors are more prone to cracking or breaking simply due to the uneven base that the hard flooring is located on. Just walking on the floors can damage them beyond repair, decreasing the value of your investment and causing you to have to replace the floors much sooner than you had planned.

A handy solution for an uneven sub floor is a carpet pad. If the floor is not too uneven a carpet pad may cover the flaws. Installing carpet pad over uneven sub floors will only cover up the problem temporarily. The carpet pad over uneven sub floors will wear unevenly and quickly with the pressure from feet and furniture, causing the carpet and the padding to wear out much quicker.Carpet Pad for uneven subfloors

A carpet pad is an underlay for the carpeting that adds significant years to a carpet's life. It reduces wear and tear and makes a carpet feel softer and warmer. If the floor is not too uneven a carpet pad may cover the flaws. If you are on a shoe string budget and are cursed with an uneven subfloor you could use a carpet pad. But remember this is only a temporary solution. Due to the uneven surface, the carpet pad will wear out unevenly and you will face the same problems. You will need a permanent solution in the longer run.

Solutions for uneven subfloor

It is wiser to look for a long term solution to your problem. Depending on the kind of decorative floor you are looking for and the unevenness of the subfloor, a solution needs to be worked out.

  • Leveling agents can be used to level the surface. This is best done by a professional using suitable measurements and levelers.
  • If you want to try it yourself you could use commercially available self leveling mortar or cement. This comes with a complete list of directions from the manufacturer. A word of caution before you attempt leveling the floor- jump at it only if you are absolutely confident. You might accidentally aggravate the problem!
  • In many cases a simple solution is laying a layer of plywood under the decorative flooring. Plywood provides an even surface for the new layer. This is a simple, quick and cost effective solution. It is considerably less messy too.

If your uneven subfloor is bothering you, ease your brow. It can be fixed in no time. All that is required is the willingness to address the problem appropriately rather than looking for temporary solutions.

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