Get Rid Bees on Your Own

Mar 12


Ma. Theresa Galan

Ma. Theresa Galan

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Contrary to what their stingers may suggest, bees are actually very helpful to growing flowers and vegetables that don’t attack unless provoked. But because their stinging can still pose a threat to some (especially those with bee allergies), getting rid of bees becomes a major priority for those looking to keep their home a safe a place.


There are several ways to get rid of bees on your own without hiring a professional exterminator or spending a ton of money on expensive pesticides,Get Rid Bees on Your Own  Articles unless you have a debilitating bee sting allergy, try these tips using products you probably have lying around the house.

Remove the Nest

Nothing sends a stronger signal to bees than getting rid of their nest. But this isn’t the hard part; the more difficult task is finding where the nest is even located. Typically, bees build them high up in trees hanging off a branch or into the eaves or awnings of a home. They can be all shapes and sizes, but generally they are oblong and slightly oval-shaped.

If the nest is in a tree, remove it by knocking it off the branch. This can run the risk of a swarm attacking, so be ready with protective gear from head to toe. If the nest is found in the wall or awning of the house, spray the nest down with a canned aerosol pesticide before removing the nest. Some bees may even build nests underground, so if this is the case, stuff the opening with dirt or rocks instead. In any case, eliminating the base of their operation is a surefire way to getting rid of bees from your home.

Spray Water

Like wasps, bees have difficulty surviving in water, which makes it an effective type of bee removal. Douse the beehive with hot water, or simply leave the sprinkler on to target the nest. This will alert the bees that the area is not a suitable place to have a nest and will hopefully move on.

Build a Bee Trap

If you can’t get around to removing the nest yourself, build your own bee trap using a plastic bottle, soda, and dishwashing soap. Cut the bottle in half and flip the top upside down into the other half. Fill the bottle halfway with a sticky sweet liquid like soda and mix it with some dishwashing soap. The bees will be lured to the concoction and trapped by the inability to fly out of it. Eventually, they will drown and remain in the trap. Create a few of these and place them around various parts of your home to get as many bees as you can.

Should all of these methods fail to achieve the result you’re looking for, consider looking into professional pest control, or getting assistance from another source that knows how to get rid of bees.

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