Why Need to Punch Carpet?

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Needle punching is a process of carpet manufacturing in which a matted layer of short staple fibers are punched with barbed needles into a spun, synthetic scrim and intertwined to form a mat of surface fiber. The mat is usually 3/8 thick (more or less) and appears like a very thick felt.

Most needle punch carpet is manufactured using olefin staple yarn which is solution-dyed. This provides an unusually colorfast carpet that dries quickly and is very sunlight resistant. This makes needle punched carpet extremely useful for pool deck areas and in locker rooms where extreme moisture is found,Guest Posting on patios, and as entry mats.Needle punch carpet may have a backing (usually a spun polypropylene) or it may use a latex coating to hold the fibers in place. Some needle punched carpet styles may have a urethane (padding) backing.Needle punch is manufactured in a variety of widths and some needle punch is manufactured into carpet tile. Needle punch carpet construction (several processes, each with different names) is an assembly of fiber webs compacted and interlocked, using barbed felting needles. Needle punch carpet technology enables needle punch carpet to be printed, flocked and embossed. Needle punch carpet can have different textural effects, such as corduroy, and can be attained by mixing fiber deniers and angling the needle in various ways. A coating of weather-resistant latex or similar material is applied to the back.Needle punch carpet therefore, using this process, can be purchased at a relatively low-cost, and is used mainly for indoor- outdoor carpet, artificial grass surfaces and some carpet tiles. Originally this process was used to construct hair carpet pads which, although still made, are seldom found in stores.If you are looking for a gorgeous needle punch carpet, you may want to see Wiltons. The Wilton power look weaves the wool and creates the most beautiful patterns. If you like a trellis design or an intricate floral there are many needlepoint to choose from. Many patterns also have coordinating borders which can be installed around the perimeter of your room or used to make a beautiful finished rug area.Using this method, hundreds of barbed needles force fine synthetic fibers through a backing material. The resulting thin buy dense fabric is then fixed onto a fairly rigid backing, such as vinyl. This type of carpet is used mainly in commercial interiors.Needle-punched carpeting is made by barbed felting needles punching bating into a center fabric. This forms a flat fabric like carpet mainly used for indoor-outdoor carpeting, artificial grass surfaces, and some carpet tiles. Needle-punched carpet can be printed, flocked or embossed. Different textural effects, such as corduroy, can be attained by mixing fiber deniers and angling the needle in various ways. A coating of weather-resistant latex or similar material is applied to the back.For more info of this topic, check the links below:

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