How To Aerate Your Lawn To Achieve Clean And Green Lawn?

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Aeration is a beneficial practice to achieve green and beautiful lawn. There is not much to do but you need to understand the importance of aeration and regularly aerate your lawn to achieve a healthy grass. Pressure cleaners are also beneficial in lawn maintenance, removing debris and chemicals from the grass and give it a clean, clear and green look.

Everyone likes to have a clean and beautiful lawn,Guest Posting but the effort behind the beauty can’t be overlooked. Some basic lawn care etiquettes such as appropriately mowing by lawn mowers Berwick, fertilizing and watering will fetch you good results. The critical part of your lawn mowing is to reach the nutrients to the soil beneath the grass. Aeration plays a pivotal role in maintaining a smooth green lawn.

First of all you need to understand what aeration is. Aeration is perforation of soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrient to reach beneath the soil. This helps to grow grass roots and as a result, you will have a more vigorous lawn. The reason behind aeration is soil compaction, helping in proper air, water and nutrient circulation in the soil. Excess of organic debris can also choke the root, and thus proper aeration is necessary.

When to aerate your lawn?

A question arises when and how to determine soil aeration. The best time for lawn is the growing season of grass, when it can heal easily and soil plugs are removed. Ideally, aeration is done in the early spring or fall.There are certain factors you need to consider for lawn aeration:

  • If your lawn is subjected to heavy usage such as playground or pet running around continuously, it can result to soil compaction.
  • In a newly constructed house, topsoil is often stripped or buried and you need proper aeration to grass to grow.
  • If your lawn has too much thatch problem, it is often dried out and feels like a sponge. If the thatch is greater than one-half inch, you need a proper aeration.
  • Imported sod results into soil layering over existing coarser soil. This further aggravates the problem of drainage, and as a result grass roots are choked. A proper aeration breaks up the layering and helps to flow the water more easily into the soil.

Types of pressure cleaner and green lawn

Pressure cleaners or pressure washers are the tools that exert pressure on water across the surface to achieve deep clean result. This is a popular method to wash lawn and garden, and other maintenance jobs. It saves times and easier for people who have limited physical abilities. Although pressure cleaners in Berwick are used to clean variety of things like garage doors, swimming pool surround, fence etc., it is being also used to clean lawn.

The green advantage of pressure washers

Pressure washing is eco-friendly, cleaning the dangerous chemicals and saves water, more than 80 percent than conventional garden hose. It is an excellent tool to get rid of mold, bacteria and algae, making it suitable for grass to grow in a healthy environment.

There are two types of pressure cleaners available in the market – electric operated and gasoline operated. Electric operated pressure cleaners save gasoline and also energy cost in electric pressure cleaner is lesser than gasoline.

By pressure cleaner, you save material rather than replacing it. It only gives a sparkling look to your garden; it bestows an overall green appeal to your house.

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