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Spinetoram has a broader spectrum insecticide than spinosad, especially performing particularly well in the fruit trees. 

This drug on the diamondback moth,Guest Posting beet armyworm, codling moth, pear moth, leaf roller, pod borer and other lepidopteran pests, thrips and other thysanoptera pests, leaf miner and other diptera pests have good control effect. This drug is currently the world's best species to control thrips, prevent eggplant thrips, per acre with 0.6 to 1.2 grams of pure drug will have a positive effect. Spinetoram was major role in the insect's nervous system, with no cross-resistance to conventional insecticides. Not toxicity to human and mammalian; low toxicity to ladybugs, lacewings and other predators, low toxicity to birds, fish, earthworms and aquatic, would not pollute the groundwater and surface water; no residue in soils and natural waters.

The insecticidal efficacy of spinosad products on vegetable crops is significant, but the pest control effect on fruits and nuts and other crops is not significant, spinetoram successful solving this problem. Spinetoram can prevent the important pests on high-value fruits, vegetables, nuts and grapes, to codling moth and other refractory pests are particularly effective, and spinosad for codling moth is no effect. Spinetoram provide a new mean in another mechanism for farmer to control codling moth and other lepidopteran pests, suitable for integrated control pests. Especially for apple growers, spinetoram is a very popular product, because in addition to organophosphate and neonicotinoid insecticides, they are expected other ways to control codling moth for a long time. Spinetoram will open a new market, its sales is a supplement for spinosad, rather than replace of. Estimated annual sales of spinetoram will exceed $100 million.

The low dosage and short environment residence time of Spinetoram gives it excellent environmental characteristics. Experiments show that: spinetoram to most of the major beneficial insects on target crops no impact, it can take effect in lower doses than the current commercially available insecticides, and the residence time in the environment is shorter than the old compounds. The same as spinosad, spinetoram is extracted from the soil actinomycetes polytope fermentation broth. Spinosad in 1997 was first registrated on the cotton in the United States, trade name is Tracer. To 2007, spinosad had been registered on more than 200 kinds of crops in 76 countries of the world, the annual sales is approximately $200 million.

In August of 2007, spinetoram in New Zealand registered for pome fruit, which is the active ingredient in the world's first registered, tradename is Delegate WG (25% spinetoram). In October of 2007, EPA under the risk reduction approved the registration process of spinetoram two preparation products Delegate WG and Radiant SC (120g/L spinetoram). The company was also submitted by the United States, Canada and Mexico combined assessment application for registration, by the end of 2007 obtain registration in Canada, then in Mexico, Pakistan, South Africa, Malaysia registered. Spinetoram was mainly with tradename Delegate and Radiant selling in the market, but the trade name Exalt and Ensure products have entered the market. At present, this product had been registered in China for eggplant controlling thrips, cabbage controlling beet armyworm moth and plutella xylostella, for rice to prevent and treat rice leaf roller.


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