Jujube fruit management

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Most varieties of jujube meet rain in the mature period will occur fruit cracking, the damages caused by fruit cracking often accounted for 10% to 30% of jujube production. 

Fruit cracking often occurred in the fruit begins to full red coloring to red crisp ripe stage,Guest Posting mostly the fruits that formed by early maturing varieties flowers in mid-September. The early, mid and late varieties maturing in early September and the late-maturing varieties mature in October and mid-mature various later flower form fruits are rarely cracking. Occurs cracking year are the rainy season ends early, mid-August to early September with the drought year. Rainy season ends late, mid-August to early September with drought years, even if the easy cracking species are rarely cracking, or does not occur cracking.

The main measures to prevent cracking: ` selected anti fruit cracking varieties, which is a fundamental measure to solve cracking; a from late July, once every 15 days spray 3g/kg calcium chloride solution one time until the harvest, or eight months late, in the fruit surface spray 50 to 100 times lime solution; b early August to early September irrigation when drought, soil moisture steadily remained at 12% to 14%, can through cover film, straw or straw crown to reduce water evaporation, and timely drainage to prevent waterlogging, make the soil water-containing remained stable, can greatly reduce the cracking rate; c easy cracking varieties can be timely harvesting and processing in mature period in order to avoid cracking losses.

After the jujube start coloring often occurs unripe fruit drop phenomenon, known as preharvest fruit drop. To prevent this phenomenon can be sprayed naphthalene acetic acid. Usage method is in 10 to 15 days of late mature and before mature spraying 50 to 70 mg/kg concentrations of naphthalene acetic acid or pimacol solution one time. When spraying, it requires fruit surface, stalk full of drugs, delaying stalk abscission cell disintegration time, make the fruit reaches maturity and then normal harvest. After spraying naphthalene acetic acid, there are no adverse effects on fruit quality. Naphthalene acetic acid can not directly soluble in water, before using, you should use a small of alcohol or boiling water to completely dissolved naphthalene acetic acid, then diluted with water to the use concentration. For example, 5g naphthalene acetic acid plus 50ml of 95% ethanol, shaking to dissolve completely, then poured into 100 kg water, stir well that was 5mg/kg concentrations of naphthalene acetic acid solution. Naphthaalene acetic acid dissolved with alcohol can be stored, when spraying, directly take a certain amount of naphthalene acetic acid mother liquor diluted with water. Dissolved naphthalene acetic acid with alkali solution, first put the naphthalene acetic acid into beaker, add a little water and heated to the boil, then slowly add a small amount food base, and continue stirring until completely dissolved naphthalene acetic acid, stop heating, after cooling can be diluted with water. Add alkali must not put into boiling water at once, to prevent a large number of carbon dioxide bubbles released, the liquid overflow beaker. Pimacol can be directly dissolved in water and sodium, more convenient than naphthalene acetic acid. Naphthalene acetic acid and pimacol can be mixed with neutral pesticide and urea, but can not be used with alkaline pesticides, such as Bordeaux.

In addition, it can use the spray PCPA. Apply 10 to 20 mg/kg concentrations of PCPA (ie chlorinated acetic acid) for preventing preharvest jujube fruit drop also have a good effect, spraying time is the same as naphthalene acetic acid.

Finally ripening harvest, after spraying naphthalene acetic acid and other plant growth regulators, the jujube harvest would be appropriately defer, stalk with sticks, increased harvesting difficult. If it occurs, can appropriately postpone the harvest time, or spray 200 mg/kg ethephon ripening harvest.


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