Redgum Firewood in Hastings - Moisture Content, Drying Guidelines and Seasoning

Oct 29


Jag Cruse

Jag Cruse

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Drying and seasoning of fresh river redgum firewood is equally important as harvesting the firewood and this whole process takes a long time.


The only thing which Australian people now-a-days can think of during the winters is burning firewood to keep themselves and their rooms warm. If your home is in dire need of an open fire-place or a wood-fired heater,Redgum Firewood in Hastings - Moisture Content, Drying Guidelines and Seasoning Articles here is an idea for keeping yourself warm in the outdoors of Hastings during this winter and the idea is harvesting in river redgum forests, one of the most popular and non-endangered firewood of the eucalyptus family in Australia. Most of the firewood harvesting takes place efficiently only when the fallen trees are picked up.

Moisture content

Freshly cut and harvested redgum firewood in Hastings typically contains sufficient amount of water. The amount of water present in a piece of redgum firewood is calculated as a % of the oven dry weight of the wood itself. The oven dry weight of wood is measured after it has been heated to remove all moisture.

Normally, the ideal moisture content for firewood is less than 25%. The moisture content in green wood can vary from as low as 40% to as much as 200%, depending on the age and species of the wood and it growing conditions. For instance, aging River Red Gum (better known as eucalyptus camaldulensis) usually has a green moisture content of around 50%, which is very high to burn satisfactorily.

The drier the redgum firewood, the better: 3 drying guidelines

If the redgum firewood has not dried below 25% moisture content, it will burn less efficiently and will generate more smoke and less heat. Redgum firewood in Hastings can take up to about two years to dry, depending on its size and the drying conditions. If stored under cover, it can be dried to at least 12 % moisture-content, whereas 30 % moisture is common for redgum firewood dried in the open air. The drying guidelines of redgum fire wood Hastings are as follows:

  • Pile up the firewood to ensure ventilation between and within as well as under the stacks.
  • Protect them from extreme weather conditions, like- heavy rainfalls.
  • Dry them in a place where sunlight and wind can pass through easily.


 Depending on its size and how it is stored as well as the weather conditions, chopped redgum firewood will dry. Redgum firewood that is periodically wetted down on the surface will dry more quickly than the redgum firewood stored in a dry environment since the surface water keeps cellular pathways open for moisture to move to the surface and evaporates.

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