What Carpet Cleaning Solution Is Best And Carpet Cleaning Tips

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However, cleaning carpets is necessary. Carpet cleaning ensures that you stay safe and healthy in your house. But can you trust the chemical products used for carpet cleaning in the market? The best carpet cleaning solution for regular cleaning is a homemade carpet cleaner. No need to worry about it, continue reading this blog and you will get to know everything.

The Best Carpet Cleaning Solutions As Well As Carpet Cleaning Tips:


  • Dish soap and vinegar- This is the most commonly used cleaning method for carpets. You just need to mix vinegar and dish soap and apply it to various stains and spots of your carpet. Let this mixture sit for about 15 minutes. Then use a cloth to rub gently and remove the stains. You can wash the carpets as usual afterwards. This is by far the best carpet cleaning method for stains. 

  • Ammonia- Ammonia can be used to clean almost everything. Be it a stain,Guest Posting food spill, pet stain, or during a normal carpet cleaning process. Mix two spoonfuls of ammonia in 1.5 pints of water and spray this mixture over the dirty carpet. Let it sit on the carpet for a few minutes and then bolt dry with the help of a paper towel. 

  • Vinegar and cornstarch- Many times, even if you clean the carpet, it gets stained and dirty. In such cases, to remove the freshly obtained stains you can use cornstarch and vinegar. Make a paste of these items and apply it to the carpet stains, let it sit for about 30 minutes. Once it gets hardened, use a dull or blunt object to remove it. Then vacuum as usual.

  • Beer- This might be very surprising for you but yes, this works wonders. Yes, professional carpet cleaners believe that beer is a very effective way of cleaning carpets. Being a carbonated as well as an alcoholic drink, it works just right for the carpet stains and dirt. You just need to spray beer over the carpet and rub it with a cloth or a brush. Blot out the wetness of the beer using another cloth. Repeat the process if necessary. 

  • Shaving foam- Shaving foam is also one of the best methods to keep your carpets clean. It helps in cleaning the stains as well as dirty, filthy carpets. You need not worry if you do not have shaving foam, you can just lather up some shaving cream using a brush. Apply the foam onto a dirty carpet and rub the areas gently using a brush. Let it sit on the carpet for about 15-20 minutes. Remove the foam using a clean cloth and wash the carpet regularly.

  • Baking soda- If your carpet smells awful because of the stains and dirt, use baking soda for cleaning. Baking soda helps a lot in getting rid of the odour from your carpet. Adding vinegar to baking soda makes the best carpet cleaning solution for your carpets. Make a slurry of equal parts of baking soda, vinegar in some water. Apply this paste to the carpet and let it sit there until it dries. Vacuum the dried out residue later. This helps to get rid of the odour as well as stains if any.

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