Advantages of immigrating to Canada

Nov 30


Nancy Damon

Nancy Damon

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Immigration Canada is a beneficial option for people. Let’s discuss in detail the reasons why it has become so popular: After you get the PR of this country, it’s possible to settle and work in any region. You are also entitled to various benefits like getting the public education for your children without any charges and health care facilities for near and dear ones. After immigrating to Canada, you have the option of bringing your family members and then going back to the native country whenever desired.



  • The Canadian government also provides financial assistance of 2000$ per month to those people who lose employment if they are in this country. Couples who have children are also provided financial rewards in a timely manner.
  • The children of a Canadian PR holder are eligible to receive free public education till 11th Subsidies are also given on higher education to the children of the PR holders of this country.
  • A person who holds Canadian PR can also sponsor his own family members for settlement in Canada.
  • A person with Canadian PR is entitled to travel to almost 100 countries without getting the specific visitor visa for those countries.
  • A PR holder also has the privilege to live in Canada for a minimum period of two years during a five year span. But if he lives outside Canada for more than 3 years during this 5 year span,Advantages of immigrating to Canada  Articles he will longer have his PR status. A permanent resident of Canada can also lose his status, if he is found guilty of some crime and asked to leave the nation.
  • After a Canadian PR holder is no longer eligible for this status due to the above mentioned conditions, it’s the job of an adjudicator to decide whether he holds the PR status or not after an inquiry.
  • The PR holders automatically get citizenship once they have been residing in this country for three years.
  • The children of the PR holders are also eligible to receive benefits of $400 every month depending on the yearly income of his parents till he turns 18 plus a 100 CAD benefit regardless of the income of his parents for a period of 6 years.
  • Another benefit of getting a Canada PR is that once it gets converted to citizenship, you then receive the privilege of working and studying in different countries like USA, those in Europe totaling 75, without requiring a study visa.

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