Genetic, Robotic and Nanotech

Jan 16


Robert Bruce Baird

Robert Bruce Baird

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Decision Time: Genetic, Robotic and ... There is an ... of ... threats and/or ... that mankind has before him. Whether or not there is an ethical basis upon w


Decision Time: Genetic,Genetic, Robotic and Nanotech Articles Robotic and Nano-Opportunities:

There is an abundance of technological threats and/or opportunities that mankind has before him. Whether or not there is an ethical basis upon which we might effectively utilize these technologies is something that worries many serious students of our species. The head of the Club of Rome says we do not even have terminologies for common concepts or words that cross ethnic and cultural borders. (1) Hobbes and other Platonic hierarchy types throughout history would argue that there is no good reason to think mankind can be responsible enough to get over ‘beating his chest’ in headlong pursuit of his ego driven or Machiavellian ‘appeals to base human urges’. (Il Principe)

We can wirehead the masses and make them all quite happy but we seem more interested in giving them pharmacological lobotomies according to Breggins and Cohen. We could do what the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still showed alien species had done with the robots to enforce peace. We could ensure free access to gene therapy and extend the life of all people till they can live to be as old as nine hundred years without parts replacement. According to some researchers this goal will be achieved by the year 2070 but it would necessitate changes in reproductive rights unless we are to make a concerted effort to start colonizing space soon. The decisions carry many downsides as well as upsides but the discussions don’t seem to be happening and we continue to train people for harmful or soon to be outmoded jobs. This article cannot address all the facts or factors but we must start the process.
Bill Joy the Killjoy:

The March/April 2000 issue of Wired Magazine article by the noted expert in technology who developed Java and was a founder of Sun Microsystems made more than a little impact in the editorial coverage for a few weeks in my local newspaper. He warned us about genetic engineering that could end life on earth without pointing out that the Israelis are trying to target their enemies with a genetic ethnic bomb. Perhaps he was not aware they are working on that but he was a part of the SALT talks. The most important thing he brought to the attention of readers was the prediction that by 2035 humanity will be redundant in the performance of most jobs.

He quoted experts in many fields of endeavor and I agreed with him that the dumping of human memory into sentient robots will not include the soul as people like Gary Hillis think. His sometimes debating partner Ray Kurzweil goes further (2) and speaks of even more rapid acceleration of technology. Not long after Joy’s article hit the stands we had NEC labs in Princeton, N. J. tell us they measured 300X light speed in a cesium chamber. Then came the US Army letting out faster than light information transfer contracts through Mr. Everitt in Durham, N. C. by November of that year. (3) The European attempt to reach Mars includes Ion Propulsion which can accelerate infinitely past the speed of light. Quantum Teleporting was a cover story in Scientific American around the same time and yet the uninformed so-called ‘experts’ often deny many possibilities that relate thereto. I personally believe that a combination of Virtual Reality technology, Holography and nanotechnology will allow a form of time travel for complex systems despite what Hawking said. Hawking said they know time travel exists in small particles.

There are many exciting potentials just around the corner in many diverse fields that Joy and Kurzweil are not even expert in. Neurotechnology and implants or prosthetics heads the list of my personal concerns. When I was an active participant on a Neuroscience forum recently I discovered these people have no moral idea of the implications of their work. Transhumanism (4) and Bostrom’s association that is relatively new already is fraught with fraud charges by other directors. Many of these people actually think it would serve the universe best if robots replace humans entirely. I can’t argue the logic against that perspective when I look at power-mongering and mud-slinging in the bureaucracies called democratic in media owned by Synarchists. But I implore people to wake up before it is too late. We must participate and insist the technologies and the future use of them are done for the Greater Good of all life on earth.
I agree with George Bush:

I found myself agreeing with George the Second of America when he pulled out of the Kyoto Accord. This raised the eyebrows of more than a few people I know. I believe he saw that salting the skies with chemicals which would lessen the apparent pollution would not kill more people in the short term and saving the billions of dollars required to implement Kyoto would not take into consideration the use of nanobots which soon will be able to clean up the pollution and maybe even make money harvesting the minerals in the process.

I also agree with George in the matter of spending more on space exploration but I am extremely concerned about SDI and HAARP as well as the Frequency Fence and the kind of weapons Dennis Kucinich tried to have removed from space. These weapons called non-lethal include mind control potentials that I cannot address in full in this article. In fact any reader of this article will have to do a lot of research to become aware of what is really going on. The issue includes viewing future technology and I demonstrate this has been done by more people than Leonardo, Nostradamus and Father Ernetti in my many books on these subjects. Dean Radin (5) and Stanford Research Institute as well as the Defense Intelligence Agency (6) are worth looking into. He works in Las Vegas. I lived there for many years near to S-4 and Area 51. The government says it does not even exist but I met many people who work there and other places like Tonopah.

George and the other Skull and Bones people that run for President of the United States would have us believe it is a mere boys club and there are books which supposedly expose them and other nefarious groups which are actually well-managed ‘Spin’. There are groups like The Pilgrims, Russell Foundation or Beacon Hill Mob (and lots of other names or alphabet soup agencies) who actually put front men like the Bushes in power.

Prescott Bush was named in court proceedings in reference to trading with the enemy and the funding of Hitler and he brought us Richard Nixon. His paladin status with the Rockefeller agents of the Rothschild or Merovingian complex is a nest of CIA or OSS involvement with the founding of The Bilderbergs and many other worthwhile research excursions. The Hegelian Dialectic or ‘playing both ends against the middle’ is not new but it is important. Eisenhower’s address on the military-industrial complex is a must read. (7)

The BEES or Benjaminite Rothschilds have been orchestrating supposedly New World Order throughout history. I demonstrate they include the De Medicis and Stuarts or Bruttii in more ways that their sponsorship of the translation of the Corpus Hermeticum into a book named after their family called De Brix. (8) The FED and IMF are outreaches of these Synarchists who get a piece of the action through arbitrage and other dastardly games. David Guyatt is a former financial wizard worth reading. (9) John Ralston Saul, who is the husband of the Governor-General of Canada and a former head of a Paris-based investment firm, says the end of the Bretton Woods Agreement was the single most important event of the 20th Century. George Orwell’s slogans like ‘War is Peace’ and ‘Love is Hate’ are eerily reminiscent of the current War on Terra which former CIA Director Woolsey calls WWIV. (10)

Are you concerned? Will you take my challenge and check out the following links? There is a potential to make everyone on earth as rich as Midas or Croessus and we can throw off the Malthusian One Pie ideology (11) but it requires some study and effort.

11) many free articles including a confession by John Kenneth Galbreath

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