The Draft

Jun 29




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To kill a man is one crime of itself. But to force a man to kill is an unspeakable atrocity. To force men by violence, to become violent, is a crime that extends to a higher damage, that falls to a lower low -- it is a thing of vice and brutality. It is more than the destruction of lives, the loss of loved ones. It is the disintegration of the heart, and the imprisonment of the soul. The Draft only forces men to be thoughtless brutes -- it turns individuals from lovers to warriors. This thing, this so-called necessary institution, has been a plague to all mankind as long as there have been men who despised death -- that is, to say, the Draft has been hated for all eternity.


The concept of the Draft is to force normal citizens into war. Without their consent,The Draft Articles without their consideration, they are driven from their homes and thrown into what every war veteran confirms as hell. This is not done to them by the opposing army, nor is it done to them from any foreign nation. It is done to them by their very own leaders, the very people who are issued with the duty to govern their people. Yet their first act is to crush the souls of their people, make them into killers -- take from them their livelihood and give them dirt. A government's right to govern comes from the population. When the population is forced to do something that the majority of them disagree with, then the government is tyrannical, oppressive, and destructive. Such is the Draft. Individuals are lined up, packaged, and sent to foreign nations, where their blood will soil the ground.

It is believed that a government may do whatever it takes to survive. If by using a Draft a government is able to survive, then it is the most devious and inhumane way believable. It turns lovers into killers, children of innocence into men of brutality -- it turns the very fabric of humanity into cruelty and vice. Perhaps, though, one may argue that a state has a right to defend itself. That, by forcing its citizens to fight to their deaths, the government acheives some great goal. This is a lie and a treacherous one at that. If citizens must be forced to fight a war they do not want -- if they are drafted -- then the very fact that they are forced to do what they detest shows the inhumanity of such an action. It shows the heartless and brutal nature of the state. Furthermore, it shows that the Draft principally is an institution based on viciousness. When the Draft is enforced, and men are forced to join military services against their will and slaughter, then it turns a possibly upstanding government into a ruthless band of thieves.

If a citizen believes their nation is worth defending, then no Draft would be necessary; they would serve the military without such an ordinance. Yet, if a citizen is an individual, if they can make their own choices, if they have a mind to think and a heart to feel -- if this citizen is a person with humane and rational initiatives -- then the Draft would be ludicrous. If a citizen opposes the war, then the Draft would force them to kill those in a foreign land. If a man was forced into the same room as his as friend or lover, and he was told that he had to kill that person or be killed himself, what option would the humane person choose? Death. Those who refuse to join the military, those who oppose the Draft, these Conscientious Objectors, are called cowards and traitors. If they are sent to war and die because they refused to fight, then they are also called fools yet they are nothing but martyrs of the creed of humanity -- members of the force of affection. It is easy to kill a person when filled with Nationalist dogma and bigotry. Yet it is unavailingly difficult to kill a person; they are a conscious being. Perhaps separated by nationality, two soldiers are still two people, two individuals. They live on the same planet and feel the same suffering. It is even more difficult to refuse to fight, to refuse to kill. It is difficult to be a member in dissent of opinion, to be defiant to a Totalitarian government that desires its children to grow up to be dead soldiers. At the threat of physical violence, it turns men into monsters: burning villages, destroying people, annihilating culture, killing human beings. The Draft is the basis of sadistic brutality and cruelty. It is a thing destitute of any merit or virtue. It cannot be said to have done anything, other than rob individuals of their lives and liberty.

For Life,


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