A Complete ECA Extreme Review

May 6


Martin Christensen

Martin Christensen

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One of the most respected diet pills on the market today is ECA Xtreme because of its 3 level approach to weight loss.


ECA Extreme is a so called ECA stack that has been very popular amongst bodybuilders for decades due to its extreme weight loss abilities.

The ingredients in ECA Extreme is a good mix of 25 mg Ephedra,A Complete ECA Extreme Review  Articles Caffeine derived from Kola Nut and Healthy Green Tea and finally White Willow which is the main ingredient in a regular Aspirin.

ECA Xtreme target fat loss on a multilevel basis, most other fat burners only targets one or 2 areas.

ECA Xtreme targets:

- Metabolism

- Energy Levels

- Performance

- Appetite

Just to mention a few of the many weight loss abilities.

Ephedra, Caffeine and Aspirin together have shown in sciencetifically tests to be very effective. Those test have included a placebo control group.

Compared to a placebo group that went through the same diet and exercise routines ECA Xtreme was in general able to take off 1 kg more body weight per month with the users using an ECA stack.

With ECA Xtreme you will also get another mix of good herps that will help you to lose weight

One of them is Acacia Rigidula which has appetite suppressing abilities, so you hunger hormones will stay slow and you will not feel increased hunger because of your diet.

The most optimal way to lose weight with an ECA Stack is to take maximum 1 capsule in the morning followed by an exercise routine, and then again later in the afternoon before 6 pm else you might have problems sleeping.

If you have valve or heart problems, ECA Xtreme is not the right choice of weight loss pill for you. Always consult with your doctor before start taken any supplements.