An Introduction to the Transport Wheel Chair

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If convenience and easier care giving is what you are after,Guest Posting you definitely should consider a transport wheel chair. It is a mobility wheelchair that is most suitable for transport in short distances, especially because it is made to be foldable and of light weight.

In terms of appearance, a transport wheel chair is easily recognizable because of its small rear wheels, definitely tinier when compared to the rear wheel size of standard wheel chairs. For front wheels, though, transport wheelchairs have the same sizes as that of the standard wheel chairs. Take note, however, that someone needs to push transport chairs due to the absence of larger rear wheels, which is why a caregiver or a nurse is needed, and that is also why transport wheelchairs are also popularly called as companion wheel chairs.

Here are some of the many benefits that transport wheelchairs are able to give:

1. Ease of transport

Because a transport wheelchair normally weighs from fifteen up to twenty pounds, it is light enough to carry, and of course, easier to push or transport as compared to a more common wheelchair that is of the manual type.

2. Lesser amount of storage space

Because a transport wheel chair is smaller in size, you will have no problems storing it. It may even be placed inside the trunk of even the most compact of automobiles. A transport chair is truly ideal for someone who lives in a small apartment or in a trailer.

3. Easy on the pocket

Transport wheelchairs are normally less expensive than the other types of wheelchairs such as electric chairs or the traditional chairs. You can purchase a transport chair for as low as $99, while the more costly ones are priced at more than $300, especially when they are packed with a lot of features.

Once you have decided that the transport wheel chair is what is needed, you should also take into account factors. For example, you should consider details such as the weight of the chair in terms of transport and the comfort that it provides.

There are transport wheelchairs that are fashioned from steel tubes, while some are made out of lightweight aluminum. If the caregiver is someone who may not have that much strength, it is better to pick one that has lightweight aluminum material.

As for comfort, consider the seat width and the physical features of the patient. If the patient is more on the chubby side, look for transport chairs that have wider seat widths. There are also wheelchairs that may or may not have seat cushions. Of course, those with seat cushions are more comfortable to sit in than those without.

Transport wheelchairs are not too heavy to push or move along, and are usually of the right sizes, compact enough to fit inside trunks of most automotives or vehicles. Nowadays, there are even mobility wheel chairs that can be folded to look like bags which can be easily slung over people’s shoulders, which explains why the transport wheel chair has become a much needed mobility chair.

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