Basic knowledge of inositol

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Inositol is a kind of white fine crystal or crystalline powder. Inositol is odorless, sweet, the melting point is 224-227, relative density is 1.752, 1.542 (dihydrate). 

It is not only stable in air,Guest Posting but also very stable to heat, strong acid and alkali. Inositol solution was neutral to litmus, no optical activity.


Inositol has water-solubility, is one of the vitamin B family, and the same as choline, both of them are lipotropic vitamins. Inositol combined with choline easy to form of lecithin, the general measure unit is mg. The application of inositol in pharmaceutical raw materials industry is prepared a variety of vitamin pills and nutritional amino acid - vitamin infusion products. In addition, medicine can also be used to treat liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, fatty liver, arteriosclerosis, high blood cholesterol, urine sugar, carbon tetrachloride poisoning and other illnesses as well as for the synthesis of hexanicotol, Beniol and other drugs. It also can be directly used as a drug, such as inositol tablets, liver tablets. Inositol also has the role of preventing skin aging and hair loss, promoting the growth of various bacteria and yeast, used as a food additive.


The role of inositol in the body is to reduce cholesterol, promote healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss; prevent eczema; helps body fat redistribution. Inositol also has sedation effect. Inositol can be made of egg yolk, plays an important role on brain cells nutrient supplying. It has fat consumption and lower cholesterol effects, helps to prevent atherosclerosis. Help clear the fat of the liver. Promote healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss, eczema, hair white and so on.


Inositol is a kind of "bios" in the body's metabolic activity. Inositol has the functions of immune, prevention and treatment of certain diseases. In fermentation and food industry, inositol can be used to cultivate a variety of bacteria and promote the growth of yeast and so on. Higher animals lack of inositol will appear growth arrest and hair loss and so on. Human's daily demand for inositol is l-2g, on the current market, there are many health drinks and children foods are added a small amount of inositol.


Inositol is a good feed additive, adding a certain amount of inositol to shrimp and salmon feed, not only can improve the growth rate, but also avoid the most common fish inositol deficiency. It also called meso-inositol. Originally found in the muscles, and later are widely found in microorganisms, animals. Almost all living things are containing free form or combined state inositol.


Phytate in the nucleated red blood cells of plants and birds is existed in the form of hexaphosphate. Compared with this compound, compounds which have a small number of phosphate groups are equally distributed in plants and animals, in addition, the free state inositol is mainly in the muscle, heart, lungs, liver, is a kind of phosphatidylinositol composition of phospholipid. Muscle inositol is the essential nutrition source of birds, mammals. If lack of muscle inositol, for example, mouse can cause losing hair, rat can cause the eyes around abnormal and other symptoms. Rats can consume a large amount of inositol, but the urine just contains a small amount of it. Sharks seem to be able to transform inositol into a kind of energy storage material.


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