Breast augmentation or breast lift – Which Is a Right Choice for You?

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Introduction of Breas Augmentation and Breast Lift. And, Which is the right choice for you?

Breast augmentation or breast lift

Many women desire youthful looking breasts with good projection and volume. This enhances their body image and boosts their self confidence. No wonder that augmentation and breast lift are commonest cosmetic surgical procedures done in women all over the world. Which is a right choice for you among these two procedures? This depends upon whether you are unhappy with volume and projection of your or you are concerned with change in breast shape and sagging. Your consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon will help you decide which procedure is suitable for you.
Breast Augmentation-
This treatment is a procedure which enhances size and volume of the breast. It gives breast more fullness. It doesn't alter their position or correct their droop or shagginess.
Factors To Be Considered While Deciding For Breast Augmentation
1.Incision: There are four different types of incisions. Each incision has its own pros and cons.
Among these,Guest Posting infra mammary incision is the most preferred by Dr. Ashish Sangvikar. It is flexible and gives direct access for implant placement. It is also the one with least complications and completely hidden increase under breast.
2. Implant Placement: Implants are placed either above or below the pectorals muscle. Placement of implants above pectorals muscle gives breast more natural shape but these implants may be visible in very thin women. Placement of implants below pectorals muscle has problem of 'animation' i.e. implant displacement with movements and contraction of pectorals muscle but implant edges and rippling is not visible in very thin women.
3. Type of Implant: Saline Implants or Silicone Implants
Both types of implants are FDA approved. Silicone implants give more natural feel and most cosmetic surgeons in India.
4. Size and Shape of Implant: This is the most common topic discussed between woman undergoing this treatment and consulting cosmetic surgeon. The decision depends upon
1. Chest circumference
2. Amount of breast tissue
3. Elasticity of breast skin
4. Woman's expectation
Most cosmetic breast surgeons advise against augmentation more than two cup sizes. In long term, problems like drooping, abnormal shape, implant visibility, wrinkling increase with large size implants
Breast Lift -
This treatment deals with drooping of breasts. It doesn't augment the size and volume. In this treatment surgeon removes excess breast skin and rearranges breast tissue. Nipple and alveolar are re-positioned to normal youthful position. The enlarged stretched-out alveolar is also corrected.

Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation-
It is a right choice for women who have drooping breasts and also want to increase size and volume. Many women after childbirth or after significant weight loss experience change in size, shape and projection of their breasts. They lose their volume and become drooping. These are excellent candidates for breast augmentation with breast lift.This will increase their size while breast lift will restore their normal youthful projection.

Does this treatment Corrects the Drooping Breasts?
This is a very common question asked during consultation. There is a misconception that only augmentation will correct the drooping. But realistically very minor drooping of 1 to 2 cm can be corrected by this treatment. In these women sub glandular implant placement (under the breast tissue and above the pectorals muscle) is preferred. But in case of moderate to severe breast drooping, only breast lift, with or without breast augmentation, can correct the breast shape and restore their normal projection.

What Is A Right Choice For You- Breast Augmentation, Lift or Combination?
Breast augmentation focuses on increasing breast volume and size but doesn't tackle breast droop. Breast lift corrects breast drooping but doesn't increase breast size. The decision of the appropriate procedure, which suits you the best depends upon-
 1. Size and volume

  1. Amount of drooping
  2. Desired Result

An appropriate decision must be taken with complete knowledge of both the procedures after detail consultation with your board certified who has a good

experience of cosmetic breast surgery.

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