Breast Augmentation Procedure after Multiple Pregnancies

Jan 6


Andrea Avery

Andrea Avery

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Breast augmentation offers mothers the opportunity to regain what lactation and deflation have taken from their natural shape and height.

During the time of pregnancy a woman's body goes through countless changes,Breast Augmentation Procedure after Multiple Pregnancies Articles most of which involve development and the expansion that accompanies those processes. For most women, they enjoy the early stages of lactation because of the added cup size and cleavage. Yet, all mothers come to know that as feeding slows and seizes so does the production of milk causing the swelling. Much like the elastin stretch and loss that occurs with weight gain and quick weight loss elsewhere in the body, including the abdomen during pregnancy, the chest deflates - for lack of better word - leaving behind room in the skin for a larger inside but less inside to hold. Your chest just does not have the same shape anymore. It may seem wider and areolas seem larger or longer, especially after multiple children and extended feeding months. The longer your chest stays falsely large the greater effect the stretching will have on the height and shape of your chest thereafter.

Breast augmentation isn't just for women who developed small breast that do not match the rest of their body's symmetry. They are for women who may have been disfigured by injury or a previous surgery. And this procedure is also for women who were once content with their chest but, after multiple children and lactation, their mammary glands just do not hold the same contour anymore. Yet, you know that you not only want a lift, you want an upgrade in fullness, shape and overall perk that you know comes with breast augmentation of a moderate size. Your surgeon can inform you of your incision options whether you know you are not going to have more children or feed from your mammary glands again or not.

Implant placement depends on how you would like them to sit on your chest which includes positioning them below or above your pectoral muscles. The surgeon can go through an incision in your arm pit, your areolas, the natural fold underneath your glands, or even more rarely through the belly button. The decision is dependent upon your body structure and your future family plans so that your ducts are not injured in the surgery. When you make the decision to follow through with improving the shape and size of your chest, it is imperative that you and your surgeon are clear on what you want and how he or she will bring that to your body.

Now that you know you have the family size that you are satisfied with and everyone is healthy and happy, you want to do a little something for yourself. Without the possibility of feeding again, you can utilize any of the four known methods for implant placement in order to get the best positioning and fulfillment you are looking forward to.