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It's common knowledge that a face lift will help smooth out some of those lines and wrinkles that make you look older than you are. If you aren't interested in being sliced open just to lose some wrinkles, there are alternatives.

If you are tired of looking like you're older than you are then you probably have considered some form of cosmetic surgery. What most people notice first about you is your eyes,Guest Posting mouth, nose and the fine lines and wrinkles that can occur here and there. These wrinkles can make you look older than you actually are. Not only can wrinkles age you, but the loss of fat or volume in the facial area and damage from the sun and sagging skin can make you look old. There are several different facelift options for you to choose from. Not all of them involve you undergoing the knife.

A traditional facelift requires you to undergo anesthesia and have the excess skin removed. The doctor will make an incision that usually runs from under one ear across the top of the forehead (at the hair line) and all the way to just under the other ear. The skin is then pulled tight and the excess is removed. There is swelling and there can be pain once the procedure is complete. In time, you will have the younger looking skin you want, but this may come at a high price for some women. The recovery time alone is a huge turn off for many women interested in ridding themselves of some of those pesky wrinkles.

There are other options though, and a face lift doesn't have to come with all of that cutting, pulling, and snipping. If your problem is the fact that you have lost fat or volume, you can have a natural volume procedure. Instead of cutting the excess off, you can simply inject fat. The fat can be removed from other areas of your body, so you can take it from your stomach and put it in your cheeks. Instead of looking like the crypt keeper you can look younger with a fuller more radiant look. For many women, this can make a huge difference in how many wrinkles they actually have.

If you spent a lot of time in the sun you probably have seen the signs of aging a lot quicker than those who don't spend as much time outside. Instead of ridding yourself of the wrinkles with cutting and snipping, try a face lift via laser treatment. Your skin will be deadened by a topical anesthetic and then thousands of tiny lasers will eliminate the old epidermal pigmented cells. This causes new collagen growth and firms the dermis of the skin. This gives you all the appearance of having gone under the knife without having to go under the knife.

A face lift is a great way to look younger. You don't necessarily have to go under the knife to get a great, young look. Whether it is skin resurfacing with laser treatments, natural volume additions or a simple over the counter cosmetic cream, there are several ways to look younger and feel better about yourself. Just because you've grown older doesn't mean that you have to look older. Sometimes growing old gracefully is the key to living a full and happy life.

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